Advanced Prostate Cancer

Xofigo update

Had my fourth Xofigo (radium 223) injection last Monday. Still no significant side effects. PSA now down to .9. Still getting good pain relief from mets in thoracic spine, sternum, ribs and femur. Pain generally tolerable but requiring naproxen sodium occasionally if it starts to increase. Haven't been able to play golf since last April. Swinging a club makes thoracic spine start hurting. Am able to play bocce and do some light resistance exercises. Fatigue and lack of stamina still a problem. But, generally feel pretty good.

I ask my oncologists how long I could expect the pain relief to lasts after I have my 6th and last injection. He said from his experience it's not unreasonable to expect 6 to 9 months.

Hope this is helpful to those of you considering Xofigo. Traditional Medicare with a BCBS medical supplement policy, Plan F is paying all the costs.

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Thank you for the summary of your treatments. You have done it in a clear and systematic way. I can quickly get the picture.


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