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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Axumin Study: Xofigo Working

Last year at this time, my first Axumin study show Pca activity in the prostate area as well as extensive mets in lumbar spine and both pelvic wings. I had five Xofigo infusions treatments ending in June, 2017. This week, a new Axumin Study showed complete resolution of the hot spots in the Prostate area and really marked reduction of those in the pelvis and spine--reductions in brightness scores for example from 12.3 to 2.6. My MO's comment was, "We almost never see results this dramatic." I attribute the reduction in bone mets to Xofigo, but keep in mind that in the last three years I've been on Lupron and a variety of oral hormone therapy drugs (most recently Zytiga for the last nine months), have been treated with Taxotere and Provenge as well as adopting a dairy and meat-free diet. I offer this news especially to all those who are newly diagnosed at stage 4 and who are fearful of these treatments. I was diagnosed at age 70 and my urologist said the typical disease progression would give me two more years. I'm 73 now and feeling better than ever.

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Life just keeps getting more surprising!


Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Saturday 01/20/2018 11:54 AM EST


Thats a great outcome Reptale. Looks like that your team has thrown everything at this and are getting results for you. Keep it going.


Congratulations! Incredible results!! So excited for you!



Thanks. I am so grateful!

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I add my congrads Reptale!

For sake of discussion, my cancer is different, and my experience with Axumen was different. This doesn't at all poo-poo your point and it's usefulness in your ongoing saga.

I don't have any bone mets (yet?) but have what would be consistently rising PSA (in the absence of Xtandi), which has been assumed to be in abdominal nodes. To evaluate this, I considered PSMA, Axumin, C11-Choline, and C11-Acetate (the 4 "big names). I chose Axumin, primarily due to its coverage by Medicare (I am 67). Had it in Dec 2017 at Phoenix Molecular Imaging. It was negative. I then had the C11 Acetate scans there in Jan, and it discovered 3 abdominal nodes. Again, not to draw any conclusions on Axumin, as your experience with it speaks for itself.


Thanks, NCrocker, I’ll bring up the other tracer studies with my MO in two weeks. I’m pleased with the apparent results of Xofigo on my bone mets, but don’t want get lulled into a false sense of security.


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