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Gratitude & Radiation & Xofigo

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Peaceful Sunday to all of you from this cold, post North-easter side of the globe.

So we made that visit last Friday to Radiologist and he was superb! I was very impressed with his knowledge of my husband's history ( clean as a whistle, not one step missed). My Type A personality gravitated to that quality in him.

He also has superior bed-side manner, both him and his assistant. I have found that it's either they are smart and lack compassion, or the other way around.

They went over the PetScan Disc with us... and so yes, definitely advancement of tumor growth, pressing on a nerve.

So the Plan: (1) Another Lumbar MRI.

(2) 10-15 doses of radiation to the left ileac crest (and spine if needed) He goes for his markings next Wednesday 14 Th March.

(3) Xofigo ( Radium 223) 1 injection monthly X 6.

Feeling optimistic, and expressing gratitude for all your input.

Happy to be a part of the family of Health Unlocked. In the words of my grand son, "You Rock."

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It sounds like a very good plan. Care to share the radiation oncologist's name? Others may benefit from it.

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Delighted to share information Tall_Allen...

Dr Hani Ashamalla

Chairman, Radiation Oncology

Clinical Professor

Weill Cornell Medical Center


Fx 718-780-3637

Congratulations on having a successful visit! And best wishes for a great response to your treatment!


James-Atlanta, I haven’t felt this optimistic in a long time, thank you.Best wishes.

Youve hit a home run with a doctor like that. Hope things gonwell from here .Peace to hubby and you.

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Thank you very much Lulu700

Our Radiation Oncologist is our favorite local doctor! It's so important -- and he, too, is so thorough. Sometimes I want my husband to go there just to get his take on things! Our regular oncologist is fine -- but just seconding how great it feels to see a doc really know what's going on!

Sorry about the tumor but sounds like you have a great plan, and plans are so good in so many ways. My husband had something similar, but much less intense -- some pain in the spine tumors, just 5 treatments. And he had Xofigo at the same time. He had trouble with his platelets dropping during Xofigo. Maybe ask about having the treatments at the same time. My husband always (pre-C) had borderline anemia and got clobbered with that in chemo too. He stopped at 4 Xofigo treatments. But lots of people do great on it. I'd be curious to hear what the radiologist says about the doubling up. I don't know if that was an issue for my husband or just coincidence.

Good luck my friend!

- Brenda

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Yes Caring7, we got very lucky. Our Oncologist is a winner also! Our Urologist is very knowledgeable, but the son is very impatient. My husband prefers the father, who unfortunately, is on his way to retirement.

When you have the perfect combination it’s a blessing.

Hope things are going well with you and hubby. Bear hugs for you....

Good morning, King

Glad to hear you found a medical provider who is not only technically excellent, but also is caring and compassionate, and has a good bedside manner. It instills confidence in you, knowing you are in good hands with your treatment.

Best wishes to you!

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KingRasP in reply to Litlerny

Thank you Litlerny, indeed having this type of Professional allays a lot of anxiety.

Four thumbs up (hands and toes).

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Monday 03/12/2018 2:58 PM EDT

j-o-h-n you can always make me laugh. Thank you for giving your all.

Did he mention some areas of the upper spine the radiation beam passes through the heart ? Mine was one of those areas but he said should be no problems for about 5 years, I took the five years. Had five hits and pain stopped right away. Keep strong

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