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Well, I WAS going to enter the clinical trial. As I was completing the pre-trial screening, one test required was a echocardiogram. I thought things would be good, except the machine found differently. I mentioned before that I thought Lupron may have changed my EKG, well I do not know what happened since 2011, my last echo, but there was a clot in my left ventricle. Now that was new! Getting rid of it with warfarin, but that blew my chance for this clinical trial. Now to find out why the clot formed. The ejection fraction was at the lower end of normal, so not too bad there. So, in May, after my son's wedding in Colorado, I am back to Lupron and Casodex. Actually I had a 50-50 chance of having the same treatment with the trial. So here we go!

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  • I've been on Lupron and Casodex for 15 months now, visiting Onc later today. It has brought my PSA back to undetectable, and in a year has "resolved" the spreading in the bladder wall. Steady as she goes... Side effects can be mnedicated if they get extreme. All bodies react differently of course.

  • I've been on Lupron before for 2 years during and after radiation. I don't remember a bunch of bad side effects, but mild to moderate ones were there. I am ready for it. One met in a rib, so need to treat is there. Thanks for the reply Pguenette!

  • Blood clots and other cardio issues can be caused by ADT, so be careful now that you are going back to the therapy.  Make sure that you let your cardio doc know that you are back on ADT.


  • I will be on blood thinners for ever now. My oncologist is on top of things too. Maybe that was part of his offering Casodex only. We will talk about it again in May.

  • I changed from Lupron, which effected my heart, to Firmagon, which seems to be the better choice.

  • I will discuss this with my oncologist! Thanks!

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