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6 Months So far So good !!!!


Hello to all my Brothers in arms, got my blood work back today PSA still undetectable,all other counts are normal. I go to my MO on August 1st. Hope he is as pleased as I am. I still feel better then I have in years and hope it stays that way. I guess the Zytiga is doing a good job. I wish all of you the same good luck. I know it's just a bandaid but I'll take whatever I can get. Have a wonderful blessed weekend everyone. Leo

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Hello Leo… Just what I needed to hear tonight… I was diagnosed on July 3 with Gleason of 4+5 and a PSA of 4.7 .. I have since had CT scan that showed no mets but a bone scan that showed three suspicious areas yet to be confirmed..

after three hours with insurance companies I was able to get my insurance in the right place at the right time and have been accepted into The Duke University Hospital's ..prostate cancer multi-disciplinary program!

I meet with the three top doctors individually and then will have a solid battle plan…

My appointment is for August 10 but I'm on a waiting list for August 3😄

I’m sure you continue to be an example of what today’s medicine can do and what a person with a positive attitude can accomplish !

Love this group of courageous guys !

Thanks Robert I was diagnosed

Feb 27th a date I will never forget. I was also 4&5 Gleason across the board, bone Mets, and lymph nodes affected. I have the utmost respect and admiration for my Doctors and their staff I'm treated like family and not just a number. I was given Hormone therapy as a first line of treatment and it seems to be working at least for now. I have very little side effects and my quality of life has not changed to drastically. I keep a positive attitude cancer hates that and have the total support of my family and friends. I love this forum ,it is very important to do your research and never give up, this is a great place to start. All my best to you my friend. Leo

Thanks again Leo and continued healing and strength !!

Dr Dan George is incredible!

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What hospital is he with?

That's wonderful news! Long may it continue! Mel.

Great news Leo! Keep it up brother!

Congrats Leo!keep fighting like this.You seem to had a good response with Zytiga. Father is at same situation.Dx December 17.Started Zytiga+Predisone some months ago and he reached PSA nadir as well(0.04)

He is also feeling really really good, now at the sunny Spanish beach enjoying summer and holidays from MO too.

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