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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Supplements: Fish Oil Not So Good?

I've been taking fish oil capsules for years. Supposed to be good for heart and brain health? Just came across this article: renalandurologynews.com/pro...

I was diagnosed with Gleason 8 prostate cancer last year.

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Burnett1948.WSOpeddie-Thanks for that study. I must have been told about the 2011 study because I stopped taking fish oil about then but my wife and a non Pca Doctor have suggested I start taking fish oil again for general health purposes. I have now got your info to show them why I am against fish oil.


Don't feel bad. A doctor said we have to make decisions on the best evidence available at the time.



And the moon could cause the ocean waters to recede. Don't these 2 bit researchers have anything better to do?


Check these links on this topic:

I used to be active in the world of omega 3 in the past and I still take my daily omega 3 pills by the way.

One of the issues on omega 3 research and prostate cancer is that men over 40 or 50 tend to be a lot more health consious the younger people. And thus this age group will take more supplements at the same time this is the age group at risk of getting cancer. Fact remains that fish eating nations now and in the past tend to have far less men with prostate cancer then other nations. In the past Japanese men hardly had prostate cancer unless he had immigrated to for example Canada or the USA and changed their diets.




Since starting my treatments for PCa in 2015 I have been using some carefully selected vitamins and supplements in addition to the main primary cancer medicine prescribed by my oncologist. My source for such selection is the book written by Dr.Charles Myers titled "Beating Prostate Cancer : Hormone Therapy & Diet" He is a highly reputed oncologist specializing in treating Pca ( Now retired ) who explains very clearly how proper diet, vitamins and supplements can support the cancer treatment. It should not be misconstrued that we can replace the cancer drugs with the supplements thinking that they have no side effects. The supplement in question - Omega 3 Fish Oil is one of the supplements Dr.Myers has recommended and I have been taking one capsule ( 1000mg ) per day. If you take more, say up to 4000mg it might cause gastric reflux.

This study says all in the opposite! Oega 3 fish oil will increase the risk of PCa. Whereas Trans Fatty Acids ( notorious for heart problems and cancer ) reduces the risk! What can we poor soles do when thy are Phds.? But the fact is, these experts who conduct their research and trials put forward papers from time to time, one contradicting the other. My thinking is whether any particular supplement, good or bad, its impact on PCa is not much significant. It is the main/primary treatment that will keep the disease under control.

In analogy, I am reminded of an interesting story. The king Alexander the Great, was gravely ill and his expert physicians were summoned to treat him. Despite all their efforts when the king was sinking, he said "I am dying thanks to the help of my great physicians" !!!

Our situation with the specialists is no better!



SELECT was a PCa prevention study. The men who signed-up did not have PCa, but were presumably concerned about risk. This is very important, since the population was not randomly selected.

Depending on how PCa risk is perceived, men will take more or fewer supplements. A man with PCa in the family might take the most. If he is later diagnosed with PCa, one can hardly blame the supplements.



Better fish oil or motor oil?

Which one will give you the most mileage? Hmmmm

j-o-h-n Saturday 12/30/2017 11:34 AM EST


I was taking fish oil per Dr. Myers for a couple of years however during my recent consult with Dr. Sartor he recommended against it. So I try to eat as many Omega 3 rich fish sources instead, and still stick to the Meditteranean diet that Snuffy advised.



This study was nicely rebutted in Life Extension Magazine.

"Fish and Prostate Cancer Risk: Fact or Fiction


By William Faloon, Luke Huber, ND, MBA, Kira Schmid, ND, Blake Gossard, Scott Fogle, ND"



Hi Kuanyin

Hope I am not boring you again.

You are aware of my condition.

Around 9 Dec 17 I mentioned I have stimulated my prostate system when I have sex. I did encounter a little aches on my calf from this activity (lactic acid build up) and by oral intake 1500 mg omega 3 fish oil it helps relieve my aches.

On research I did find the brilliant properties of fish oil in reducing pain and inflammation.

Since chatting with Dan59 on Christmas Day Sydney time I have escalated my 2nd Lab Rat Run by using baking soda/honey and 1500 mg omega 3 fish oil.

What a fortunate outcome as I thought I would die at one stage from bleeding (haemorrhaging)

After now 5 days of intense treatment I am still pain free and kicking around.

Hope to take the train to Sydney Opera House for the 9 pm Family Fireworks. The main event is at Midnight.

Happy New Year to you,


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Hi Roland,

No, you do not bore me. Happy to hear that you are doing much better. One thought, however, comes to mind regarding your use of baking soda. You need to be cautious when ingesting baking soda because it is an Alkalinizing agent which means that too much of it could neutralize stomach acid. But the stomach needs an acid environment to begin the digestive process, especially the breakdown of protein. Be careful!

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Hi Kuanyin

With your brilliant mind in action.

I am aggressive treating myself 25 Dec 17 to 2 January 18.

My current dosage is 5 d baking soda/honey and 1500 mg omega 3 fish oil per season.

I am aware of danger regarding alkalosis and is cautious to avoid it as well as time line. I will come to a complete halt using sodium bicarbonate on 2 January 18 for 2 weeks at least.

Also regarding the bleeding I experienced on morning of 28 December 17 is when I up the ante, I decided to have sex and had some ejaculation but the discharge is light and pinkish. 2 hours later my urine was bloody and I was worried about bleeding and haemorrhagic stroke.

Fortunately my luck prevails and I survived with no further bleeding.

Like I said to Dan59 the intense treatment is panning out quite well.

My few days of weakness/discomfort/pain in the regions where all my prostate cancer magnifested has started to clear.

It is 11:10 am here. I will be heading out to play 9 holes golf and later visit the city to watch the 9 pm Family Fireworks,

Thanks for your attention.

Enjoy your New Year.



Good article rebutting the article I high lighted. I'm back taking fish oil capsules.


Hello to all, I was taking 3 capsules of Mega Red Krill Oil 1000 mg daily. I was paying around $65.00 for 60 of the generic. I was a little nauseated, but I am on 22 medications, so I figured that a little nausea was normal. My doctor suggested I take a prescription medicine called Lovaza 1 Gm Caps by GlaxoSmithKline. I was switched to generic : Omega-3 Ethyl Esters 1 Gm. (also prescription only.) I take 4 capsules daily now and my nausea went away and I get a 9 month supply for $6.00 on my medicare plan. What a great deal.


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