Thank you for the numerous informative answers that I have received from everyone I will hold on for a while before I start to use this drug I am uncomfortable but that I can live with   for the time being I am on so many other treatment for other ailments heart AF , osteopinia ,I am taking calcium tablets plus Alendronic  acid tablet once a week Degarelix and now Casodex for PC so for the time being I am going to wait and see ,as I have said in my other post a turps operation has been mentioned so if it is possible I am going to give it a go that may help me with my in and out of the toilet I am nigh on 74 I have had a good life travelled the world over  for many years nothing much I want to do now but enjoy my family and grandchildren and my hobby so again thank you all for your replies best regards Dave .

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  • I know what it's like---I have to have meds to help with almost all bodily functions--nothing works right anymore.      At least I don't have cardio problems---yet.

    But pills to sleep, for nausea, anxiety, fatigue, constipation, urination, pain, and the cancer meds---Xtandi and Avodart, plus a monthly injection of Xgeva for the osteoporosis, it's difficult to keep track of the meds, and to try to live a semi-normal life, especially with the side effects from everything.    And at present, every weekday a trek to the cancer center for my radiation treatments, which is exhausting.     I do like seeing the radiation staff, though, they're so friendly and cheerful.        '

    And I have to have a paid caregiver coming in to assist with shopping, laundry, cleaing and escorting me to treatments and appointments.

    But I'm thankful that I can still walk, with the aid of crutches, and at least maintain a reasonable quality of life.         


  • There,s an old saying that I love creaking gates go on for ever plenty of creaking gates on here I reckon  best regards Dave

  • Yes, Dave,

           But sometimes I feel like I'm becoming "unhinged."

  • There you go still got a sense of humour looks like you are a creaking gate to me

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