Yesterday, I had my fifth radiation treatment to the prostate, which had begun to grow again, causing me excruciating pain.       It's been quite a challenge to put up with the pain, but I was elated when the radonc told me that I could have the radiation instead of invasive surgery to remove the bladder, prostate and a colostomy---with the involvement of the prostate invading the bladder and up against the rectum wall.

 I just got the labwork results back from Monday, and now another small setback;  my PSA's up from 4.43 to 5.57---the highest it's been in a year.    But it's not a big gain, just a minor disappointment.      In February, it was 5.2 --so it appears to be vaccilating around four and five, not staying on an upward trend.    There are some of the other tests which are beginning to fall outside of normal parameters, such as the alkaline phosphatase---which had always remained normal until now.

I'm having pain from the left femur met, and the lower back, but the prostate pain overrides everything else.        My radonc said that I should begin to experience a reduction in pain within 1-2 weeks.   (it's a series of 20 treatments).

I also remain on 120 mg Xtandi, a monthly injection of Xgeva and daily Avodart, along with daily Cialis (to help with urination---Flomax didn't work for me).         

My oncologists and uro had also mentioned Xofigo, and I had hoped for this, but they want to hold off, as my bone mets are relatively stable---but if I could have had Xtandi, Xgeva and Xofigo, I could have been rated "triple X"----wouldn't that be ironic?.........lol.....especially for a guy who's had his testicles removed.

But more seriously, I'm hoping to try Zytiga, but my medonc wants to wait until Xtandi has completely lost its efficacy.       While I'm too weak for chemo, according to my medonc, I'm hoping to gain some weight and strength back, and am on an exercise program of my own devising, working out with an elastic band and walking, also taking a lot of stairs for cardiovascular exercise.      But I also have to conserve energy for the necessities, as I tire so easily.

I am a little more unsteady with walking, both pain and balance affect me, but at least with the crutches I'm as stable as a table.      

In spite of everything, I remain hopeful that I can maintain a reasonable quality of life and semi-independence for an indefinite period, once the prostate has been shrunken like a prune by the radiation. 

This year hasn't started out very well, and a case of the flu really set me back---my weight slipped to 119 pounds and required hospitalization to rehydrate me and forced bed rest---a minor setback, but it weakened me even more.       

Spring is giving me new hope, and the radiation treatments are going smoothly---I expect that at the end of the treatments I'll be a little more weakened, but I can cope and get back to "normal," whatever normal is at this point.



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  • People are pulling for you!

  • Hang in there Eric!  Love the pansies in the picture.   Laughed out loud at the triple X comment!  You are an inspiration to many.  Sending positive energy your way!

  • The picture was taken last fall, on a cold day, but the flowers were still in bloom.      Many of the intersections in my area of Chicago (Andersonville) have these nice planters and benches, where I can sit and enjoy the sun and "people watch."        During spring and summer, those large circular planters are absolutely loaded with beautiful flowers and plants.     

    I was bundled up against the cold, and most of the flowers were gone.

  • Thank you to Beth and the Doctor.       And to the Doctor, could you bring the Tardis over and send me back in time before the PCa hit me?    


  • Ahhhh Eric!!!!  I'm so thankful for the update!!! I'm so glad to hear about your exercise regimen. Although I do not like to hear that your psa is rising.   I'm just so thankful it is not doubling.  I'm hoping the radiation will help lower it.  That dam cancer is not giving you a break at all!  In spite of its nasty ass..... You still had me laughing out loud...... Triple X lolol.  You are such a hoot!  Too funny.  Hoping and praying that you're able to gain more weight and strength and get stronger for treatment and to be able to do some more fun stuff ;) is great to see your new profile pic of you outside with the sun shining on you.  Looks a little chilly though! I am freezing today! Always peace , love,  hugs,  good energy and prayers.

    Most sincere, 


  • I just read that the pic was a while ago but it's still nice :)

  • Eric - You will have a new normal.  Your pictures look really good.  Glad to hear the radiation is going well. 

  • "Normal" is redefined every day for us.  Good luck with the radiation. 

  • Eric, thanks for the update.  Its good to share.  I'm on Zytiga with only minimal side effects that include muscle weakness and some confusion but who know if thats me or the meds.  My psa went up 1 point too.  last measure was 14 now at 15 in 30 days.  I've been bumping along at this level so yours at approx. 5 is awesome!!  Thanks for sharing and displaying your courage and positive attitude.

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