Advanced Prostate Cancer
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My Intro - Ned in St Louis

I was diagnosed at age 60, in Aug 2010, with 12 positive cores out of the 12 sampled in my biopsy! I had lost my mother to colon cancer when she was age 59, and my secret goal was to at least make it past that age. The urologist called me, very concerned with those results, the DAY AFTER my 60th birthday - seemed ironic at the time.

Had a prostatectomy in Oct 2010. Gleason was 7 (4+3). Both seminal vesicles were involved and staging was Tc3. One positive margin in the surgical pathology.

Had hormone therapy (Zoladex) in 2011. At same time had IMRT (radiation), with 37 treatments.

Have had 2 bone scans along the way - both were negative (they were probably premature, but my urologist at the time was just doing what he knew to do probably). No other scans at this point

My PSA history: 0.15 after surgery and rose slowly. Then was undetectable briefly after hormone therapy and radiation. Has been slowly rising since 2012, but "only" up to about 2.0 now in 2016 (almost 6 years after diagnosis). Some bad luck last year (2015) when I was treated for stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma, however, the chemo may have helped my PSA per Dr Myers - my PSA decreased during that time. (Lymphoma is in remission now thankfully)

I have been under the care of Dr Snuffy Myers in Virginia since Sept. 2012 -- "growth arrest program". Very pleased overall, albeit expensive with the travel and visit fee. He is intending to start me on Xtandi soon, having tried Casodex briefly and resulted in shortness of breath. Otherwise I have been on his standard regimen of Metformin, Avodart, Crestor, baby aspirin, and many supplements, Mediterranean diet, and exercise. I'm wrestling with what to do about the recent sharp cost increase for Dr Myers in 2016 (I may switch to the option of using his nurse physician assistant).

I'm very interested if there is anyone out there happy with their PCa oncologist in St Louis MO area.

Best wished and good luck to all my brothers!


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Hi Ned,

Congratulations in passing your 60 year goal. Now that you have made the goal and left it in the dust enjoy your life.



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