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I want to help someone to control their Darkness!

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I need to help people!

I can't work for money or fame. I can only work when I help someone out of pure kindness!

How do I find a way to help others without any proof of experience?

I have no one that wants my help. Because no one is giving me a chance. No one trust that someone like me exists that just wants to help without gaining anything then a smile.

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I think it's very admirable and wonderful you want to help people especially in their darkest moments. As someone who has been in dark places before, the best thing you can do is to be present and listen to someone when they need a listening ear. Don't force it because people need to feel comfortable they can open up. Let it happen naturally. If it still isn't happening, maybe get some advice on how to be more approachable. Just being a good friend makes a world of difference to some. Don't give up

I tried for 14 years. Still trying. I just don't know how to reach out to people.


The best method is in person. This digital platform is wonderful but it can't replace person to person interaction. Also volunteering help sometimes can come across as needy and creepy. Just listen and give friendly advice when asked. If you push too hard, it will turn others away. Believe me, there are millions of people who need help out there. Just let it come naturally. If it's too hard, I would find a community center where you can help out. There are volunteer organizations that welcome free help.

No one is asking me for any advice.

I want to make an AI that can help people with the method I believe will help everyone who gives it a try, no matter if it is just for fun or for need. Same method different execution of it.

But I don't have the help or knowledge to build an AI yet.

I tried writing, video making, animation, game design, and basically all types of design. And everything ends up unfinished.

The only thing I never stop is my own method.

I never tell what it is directly because I don't want anyone to feel forced.

Anyway, I don't know what I should do with my life when all I can do is contradict my goals. 😓

Have you considered volunteering for a mental health hotline? Typically they will train you on how to work with people and you would be encountering people who could really use an ear to listen to them.

Sounds divine. But I want to create a website from pure coding and scripting, 100% original, creative and unique.

Because then I can make so everyone can use my method as a fun gadget, or game. While it also would help everyone with the darkness realize what its true purpose is. And help other ones with having more fun and bring people closer to each other.

But for that, I need to help myself to learn Javascript and other codings. But I can't afford or find a way to hire and pay someone to tutor me.

Anyway, I not giving up. It has helped everyone I know. All my friends, family, and even strangers have used my method and loved it. Some of them I waited years before they wanted to give it a try. So I never ask them until I see that they are ready. Which can take a while to years.

But some people are ready right now, but I can't be everywhere at once. That's why I have tried soo hard to reach out to people. So someone who then knows my method can if they want to, they can help me reach more.

So I am stuck in a loop. Because, I have too many ideas on how to help, that I get too many unfinished projects. 😓

INTERESTING...... I hear the ADHD in ur post especially the never-ending loop and unfinished projects.... I to have them problems,but the greatest thing to me is the moment I wake up in the morning struggling to get myself up... Omg the fighting my brain does and all I have to do is get up take meds quickly but for some reason is as hard as curing hunger or ending homelessness.. So mymedsworeoff is interested in hearing more...

Sound like me, struggling to wake up. I need to take eye drops every morning. Else I can't wake up, because my eyes are too dry or heavy. 😅

Then I also take "Methylphenidate Mylan" to wake up, I can't fall asleep after taking that, but I keep resting while daydreaming. 😄

What is an AI?

Self-thinking robot basically. :)

Thank you 😊

No problem. 😸

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