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Hi all there.

Well the snow has landed and the UK has once again come to a halt.

I’ve not been on here for a while as I’ve been getting on and improving my life.

If any one wants answers to adhd or help with how to to understand or help with understanding there emotions I’m here all day for you.

Of course the advice I give you is from what I’ve learnt through my recovery of adhd.’cheers

If you want to pm go for it 😋

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Hi yes there is always hope,

Ok so what meds is he on ?

Sorry me notifications didn’t come up.

So how old is ur husband by chance ?

Hi Fidgity,

Am female 50 years of age, am having assessment s to see if I have Aspergers, they are not 100% sure I have this, am certain I do, after scoring very high in online test, but she did mention autism a few times.

The lady I see at the clinic said there's Neurodevelopmental disorders in my family, none diagnosed as austism, some are quiet proud, don't think they have problems. manic depressive yes, has been diagnosed to two meembers of my family who committed suicide..

I have looked up Neurodevelopmental disorders and there is Aspergeres ADHD and Austiism. What is. The difference between them. Do you know please, or anyone. Cheers xx

Ok so i have adhd ok which most ppl say is a myth.

Now the reason why they think it’s a myth is because as far as I’ve worked out is a little of the different categories with autism.

So there for adhd is like a triangle and it’s almost impossible to treat all three corners.

I had a chat with my specialist years ago and we managed to get hold of two with stimulant meds and another corner with none stimulation adhd meds

Thank you for the reply but don't think you answer ed my question, I just wanted to know whats the difference between Aspergers and Adhd . Would you know please or any other meamber plz.

thank youxx

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sorry fidgety. Thanks for reply. Xx

Aspergers has now been removed in the medical manual of mental disorders.

It’s now called ASD autistic spectrum disorder,

It’s a development disorder.such as having difficulty in social interaction.none verbal behaviour.

Not spatial awareness etc.

Please any one.correct me if I’m wrong I do love to learn

Thank you , you answered am very impatient. Its a downfall of minexx

Every one is impatient at some point in there lives.

There so youvevadmited your impatience to me.

So one could write that or chuck that to idea in the bucket list

Doesn’t it just wind you up being impatient.

Christ if you smoked you would smoke twice as many which doesn’t help.

Blood pressure,stress,foot prints on the carpet.

If your that impatient why don’t you help your self and look the info up your self.

Omg so sorry to offend you but some Times being offended mean you can take that and learn buy your actions.

Am I being to harsh.

I don’t think so really.after all it must have worked for me to be able to help my self be a better person,not to say that your a bad person at all.

I guess we can all be better ppl inside to helps others less fortunate than our selves.

Oops sorry.

Just practicing for when I right my book on the ideas of right and wrong buy society that we have to try to fit in as the rest of society won’t change for us but then that’s a whole different story lol

I think you being very sarcastic, not going to talk to you.. I did apologize afterall.

Ok.i don’t believe I am to be honest.

But hey you did get what you were looking for after all.

Have a wonderful day 😋

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house77 - you were correct -- your question wasn't answered and that's why you were here, to get your questions answered. You actually had nothing to apologize for.

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ive read what fidgity repiled to me again just now, and what a complete ase and rude person you are.. you should find some manners, from out of your massive ego..

yes ive recently been dignoized as having aspergers/ asd now it just called autism..

i believe i also have got adhd..with being impatient bad timekeeper etc .... thats something i will intend on pursing with my dr at some stage... thanks ikroportland.xx

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Ok so are these natural remedies ?

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Ok so with adhd you have anger.this is more Jekyll and Hyde.

One min your lovely and calm and then somet triggers it of.

Dont let the behaviour specialist which incidentally is what you really need to see.

Don’t let the specialist tell you that we can help this from brewing up.

This is not angr that brews up and you can control. It doesn’t brew up so there for you can’t sit down and bring the anger under control.

This anger is like a bolt of lightning through the back of the head and before you know it.its passed and your saying sorry for something that just felt like a whirl wind.

It’s by no means meant intentionally to hurt you.

The thing is is to try find out what triggers it.

I from lots of experience know that stimulant meds control the anger very well.

I’ve swapped from Ritalin to lisdexafetamin. That’s what it’s called in the UK.

After 4 months I’ve started to come of my anti physcotic meds my pain and mood stabilising meds and reduced my other meds in half.

Last year I was on about 15 tablets a day.

Now I’m on 5 a day thanks to the help from my doc and physciatrist and 7 years of bloody hard work in my self.

It can be done.

But baby steps.

What you have to realise is that I got diagnosed at 40,

So imagine taking a tablet and the next day you can now realise why you felt so different from society.

Yer they missed me like a lot of others.

This is life changing and I don’t quite think how life changing the specialist realise.

They don’t give you therapy for being re borne and starting life all over again.

I pushed and pushed for two years to see a behaviour therapist.

In the end it was the three receptionists that fought for my cause.

I was always polite to them and when I left I always say thank you and smiled and appreciated what they do for me as it can’t be easy fir them to deal with mental health.

They said I always smile and arrive early so they got together and basically told my specialist I deserve for this therapy.

I had 6 months.1 hr every I had actually met some one that could stretch my mind so far out of its box that I even questioned the specialist to the point of no return.

I can now honestly say that I can divide in my mind what I did when I was younger and can split the adhd away from just being a kid of teenage yrs.

You divide your self from ur adhd.

You own your self up from honest criticisms and learn by your mistakes.

You learn what and how adhd effects can then get some order in your head.

Ive a very very quiet head these days and it’s peaceful.

I can now make sense of life.what is around me and best of all learning to harness the unique attributes of what adhd can offer you.

Some ppl say it’s a gift.those are the ppl that actually don’t have it ,live it,go to bed with it,wake every morning with it.

Well sorry for the essay.

But omg yes it’s possible to not change who you or we are but to modify your self in such away that you can be responsible for your kind hearted love felt actions

I don’t have any comments to offer with regards to sensitivity or arrogance. It’s not my place to call that one way or the other.

But while we are on the topic of self improvement, and more specifically on the topic of writing books, I would recommend a deep and humble read through the contents of [1].

Hope this helps. Cheers!


Ah thanks,Such a GREAT help.

I’m so humble for your great help with my grammar,lol

If that’s what you meant.

With ADHD one wishes to get words down as quickly as possible,Like speaking to quickly with out engaging the brain.

I’m so sorry if any one believes I’ve been rude.

It his is not my intention.

As for Grammar well one cant always be perfect.

I’m not pretending to be perfect.

Just trying to help.

As a guy once said on here to me,You can’t please them all.

It’s up to the individual to take the words as they come.

Surely, I hope my response was taken as a gesture to help. Humility carries orders of magnitude more intrinsic value than ego does.

I get it- you have figured a lot of things out in your head and you have a message to provide to others like us. I’m totally behind you on that part.

However, In order for your message to have meaning to others and make the intended impact, it must be communicated in a format that is just as clear (and welcoming) for the receivers. I’ve struggled with this myself.

Wow can’t believe this is being pulled up after 8 months ago lol

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Are you in UK ?

Yes !

If the meds ain’t working which sounds as though there not.

Go back to specialist and ask for Lisdexamfetamine.

It’s on the nhs web site now for adults with adhd.

My specialist had to have a meeting with his colleagues and with partners at my docs just to ask if it’s possible to fund it.

The thing that clinched it was that I had done my homework.

Look you really need to get some info under your belt.

You need to know what to ask for yer.other wise they will fob you of with a cheap unknown labelled drug like they did with me.

I refused to accept it and even the pharmacist hadn’t of heard of it.

Write down what ur husband is doing and how he acts in certain situations.’you shouldn’t take alcohol or any drugs etc when on adhd meds.’

May I ask.the meds he is on.

Are they stimulant or none stimulant drugs.

If there stimulant drugs they will be kept in a safe

Ok so purchase a book called driven to distraction. That will tell you learning and coping strategies.

You won’t really get much help to be honest.

It’s ur husband that needs to do it to be honest.

He had to want it to.

The other book that my wife is reading which is a little easier is the new Robbie Williams book as,he also has adhd.

I tried a marriage counsellor just to humour my wife and I ended up teaching the councillor what it was like.’trouble is.

You need to be on the correct meds first to then go have some cbt or behavioural therapy other wise it just goes in one ear and out the other and then you resent being there in the first place

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Yup that sounds like adhd.

Let me lol up the meds he is on.he may need a mood stabilising tablet

There are many sides to adhd and one of those is anger.

Ok not being rude but he sounds like a spoiled child.

This is not meant to be rude in any way.

So ok they that adhd is developed by how ur brought up.

Well actually your born with adhd but how you are brought up and your surroundings can have an effect good or bad.

May I ask do you live up north or down south.

I know up north I’ve heard it can take along time to get help and diagnosed with adhd and that’s just the start.

Also make sure he sees a specialist atleast twice in 6 months.

If he has problems you have to fking push really hard to get what you want.

So may I ask how does he feel about his adhd ?

The book is driven to distraction which also you can get in audio and the new Robbie Williams book

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So i don’t know how south you are but there is a good adhd group in brighton

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Yer i totally understand.

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Ok just got to go pick my wife up from work so will be about half hour.

Ah I would love to meet him he may just have a surprise in a nice way of course.

Hello!!!! I hope you are still here.

I recently "diagnosed"(quatations because my GP said its highly likely, he never officially stated it) with ADHD, and me being more of the inattentive type and less but some hyperactivity.

I first started with Ritalin, which only worked for 1 hour at a time, then after I reported to my GP he started me with a generic of concerta. Concerta generics have a history of not working as well as the original.

Now, Im really stressed out and worried because how long does it usually take to find the right medication? Is it possible my doctor made the wrong diagnosis and I dont actually have ADHD(But then why did I score really high on his test and relate to so many ADHD symptoms). Is medication the answer or do I need counselling and other methods to help me focus? Im so confused and inexperienced =(

Find a SPECIALIST in ADHD -- also, you could direct your doctor to Dr. Russell Barkley's videos on Youtube which outline the best kinds of medications for each type, etc.

If your insurance will allow it or you can afford it, get a brain scan done. Aside from that, the symptoms are enough to warrant medication.

I personally found that a long-acting medication PLUS counseling with someone who has been trained to help me manage my symptoms is the best combination. I have also seen the difference in people I meet who have hired ADHD coaches - they get futher along.

I was fortunate - the medications I'm on are working but each of us is so different it can take time to find the right ones. Vyvanse and Adderall are good standards that last longer than 1 hours. I am on 30 mg 2x a day -- it's very possible that you need a higher dose. It can be scary to take more, but it really helped me when I upped the amount. The fog really lifted and almost a year later, i still "test" my life without the meds sometimes and that reminds me once again that I really need them.

DON'T GIVE UP - hang in there.

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