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Emotions are every where. That uneasy feeling makes me crazy

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I know the tools. How do I stop this uneasy feelings. Makes me think and feel everything. Is the vyvanse like a form of recreation drug for me, it stimulates me. What am I doing to myself.

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Vyvanse is strong and worse when it wear off. Its not you. Its the pill make you feel that way.

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ThankS for that

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It’s a stimulant that has traits of cocaine

The purpose is to make it easier to focus on and follow through with what you need to accomplish. I find Vyvanse works for me. It isn't a miracle but it helps.

Vyvanse made me feel that way, too. I didn’t get any help with focus, though. I really felt like I was losing my mind. It works great for some, but it made me very anxious...as if something bad was about to happen, all the time.

Interesting to read “like a recreation drug”. I have taken Vyvance for a year. I’m ready to quit after i felt like I knew what it was doing to me it was like I was just taking it to get a little pep in my step. It was like a better coffee that drove me through my work day with long meetings... it did help me focus better at work because I felt more alert and ready to go!

I’ve never taken recreational drugs but picture it could be similar and I can completely see how it could become addictive.

The downsides for me were dry mouth, high heart rate and occasionally even irregular seeming heart beat?! That really worried me - is this worth it?

I find that exercise helps me in very similar ways without the side effects. The challenge is just getting myself to exercise more regularly... I still prefer that challenge over the side effects of Vyvance though.

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Are you weeding off it or cold turkey. I hear it’s hard to come off it

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Wildbrain in reply to JW621

I had a hard time even remembering to take it in the morning (needed a reminder and then had to actually pay attention to the reminder... ADHD? Lol...) . So it really has been easier to quit than remember taking it to be honest...

I feel embarrassed to even say that because it makes me feel like I’m totally incompetent. But I should at least try to be honest to others here right?

Looks like you’re going through a hard time. I wish you lots of strength to get through this .

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Thank you. I’m weighing out the pros and cons

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Thank you

i was the same way when i tried vyvanse. i was not too bad on 20mg, but on 50mg i was agitated most of the day and when the crash came mid afternoon i was a total train wreck.

It helps me to function during the day

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