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The Pineal Gland


Has anyone ever heard of the Pineal Gland(also known as 'the third eye')? It's located in the center of the brain and absorbs flouride (which is found in MOST toothpastes and roughly 70% of tap water). The flouride will calsify around this gland and cause confusion, uncertainty, etc. I've switched to a flouride-free toothpaste and I'm looking into a nice filtration system. The powers within this gland seem to be powerful and is referred to being the "principle seat of the soul". It's amazing and I'm just curious to how many others know about this, and what you've done to detoxify/cleanse it? I just received some liquid Nascent Iodine by the Global Healing Center(which apparently helps to detoxify this gland) on Amazon and today is my second day so I'll try to keep you guys updated on it. Oh and Happy Sunday! Cheers! 🤗

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Interesting, I didn't know any of that but I'd like to hear how it goes. I hope you have some success 🤞

Yes, I've heard of it. I read it takes a very long time to detox/decalcify the gland and got discouraged. I know it's a lousy excuse. Have you read differently? I'm interested to hear about your progress.

It's been a year since you wrote this. Any changes since you started the detox? I used to feel everything, but as I've gotten older I feel very emotionally & spiritually jaded. I wonder if the calcifying of this gland could have something to do with it. Anybody know more about this?