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My Debut

I would like to say hello to y'all. I have struggled with ADHD as long as I can remember. My generation did not diagnose ADHD much and if they did, it was almost exclusively in boys. It didn't help that I made straight A's my entire education. Once diagnosed as an adult (in my 30's), the right medications began to clear my head. I have a BS in Biology, but I went back for a BS in Nursing. It was during the prerequisites that I realized I could concentrate! I could listen in class, study efficiently, make excellent grades. The nursing program I attended was "fast-track" for students with a bachelor's degree, two years of courses in 15 months. Very intense. Much easier to do with meds that I have to have to get anything done. I find that days without any meds means I'll be sluggish, flighty with my thoughts, not able to get much done. I was also diagnosed with depression and anxiety (way back when I was 16). Didn't start anything for that until I was18. I've been through a lot of antidepressants and experienced serotonin syndrome trying to switch from Cymbalta to Pristique. Cymbalta and Lamictal keep my depression and moods stable. I also take clonazepam as needed for anxiety. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area and hope to find the support I need to live a healthy life.

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Thanks for sharing your story! We have similar ADHD experiences. This is just a short welcome, as I need to start my day. I don’t want to go down the “rabbit hole” so to speak.😀 Off to work for me.


I feel the same way on the days I do not take my Vyvanse, and I hate those days. I was trying to get off the Vyvanse but decided after a month that was not going to work. My Doctor told me that the feeling of being sluggish would go away after a couple of weeks after stopping my med but I was off of the med for a month and that feeling never went away. But some days I will not take it just so I can totally nap and do nothing all day long.

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