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Lost and Confused 🤷🏼‍♀️


Is it in any way valid to say that certain healthcare "practitioners" feel a bit empowered through unwarranted assumptions about you with zero evidence historically, nor current -presumptuously accuse you of drug abusing, lying, etc, etc... without the use of such words of course... instead by just not writing the script which holds your life together as a well functioning adult and this is done month after month after years of stability. Right now being treated this way and in the worst of times-coinciding with divorce, financial strain, possibly a foreclosure, etc... Makes you want to die! so who is responsible for ripping your life upside down and the dr doesn't give a shit if you die! Finding it hard to understand why this is happening, why a person would be treated this way after years of suffering ADHD depression anxiety extremes coupled with migraines etc... have been balanced nicely for 3-4 years and then out of no where given trouble month after month to where I don't even want to get anything ! now damned if I do and Damned if I don't!!! I feel as tho I'm treated now as the scum of the earth for wanting the meds I had to be persuaded for years to even try as I was against any med prior! then when I do try and my life feels right finally then treated like this!!! And no one cares and the more I try and fight for my life the more people think I'm crazy !!

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Medical professionals don't have all the answers. It seems like they see more patients, listen less and reviewing patient history isn't done anymore - because of the squeeze to see more patients than they really can handle.

It is not you. This is not uncommon. It is not right. But it happens frequently. As hard as it is, try not to take it personally, even though this is very personal. It is the medical industry.

Find another medical practitioner who supports you, listens to you. You know what you need. Don't give up. Keep pursuing what you know you need. Check in with your friends/family/support people. Life is challenging. But everyone goes through crummy stuff. It doesn't make it easier for you, but know you are not alone.

Things do get better. Things will get better. Go after what you need to support you through this challenge. Be a self advocate. You deserve it!

Thank You 😊

Did you recently change insurance?

If you act or speak “unbalanced”

(Which us why you’re there in the first place!)

The dr will be extremely hesitant with prescriptions

They do not want to be held accountable if any adverse affect were to take place and could be blamed on a Med prescribed

If MD like you might have drug abuse potential, have you asked about Straterra or some of the other non-stimulant meds used for ADHD? How could he/she argue with trying that?

I totally get where you are coming from. Not sure how to deal with it at times but I get you, maybe that helps a little

Hello EJ.

I just want to give you a big long, hug right now.

I know that's not the answer to your questions or concerns above. I know its not any sort of solution. But if you're anything like me, which it sounds like you are, then it's what would really help.

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