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Adderall and drug tests

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Hi, I'm new here and found this site because I'm desperately searching for help for my 26 year old daughter. We have both been diagnosed with inattentive ADD and have been successfully treated with Adderall for about 12 years now. My husband and I were going thru a rough patch and he chose to talk to a social worker who told him That I sounded like I had ADD! Wow! After fighting my way through life and feeling like I was such a failure at life, this wonderful person asked that question and changed my life! Until then I thought you had to be hyperactive, you know~ADHD, I had no idea that there was anything else but it sure explained a lot. My daughter had a lot of the same traits and problems that I do, so we had her tested as well. She had a difficult time in school, always felt bad about herself even though we did everything we could to make her feel loved and proud of herself. I knew she was intelligent and intuitive, but she always felt she was stupid and didn't fit in anywhere. (Sound familiar?) Since we've realized this and have been treated things have changed so much for the better. Now the problem-our family Dr. has implemented urine testing, which I know is a legal thing and is supposed to help control drug misuse. My daughter is an occasional marijuana user, and the Dr. informed her she will no longer prescribe Adderall for her. I know Marijuana is illegal and could indicate drug abuse, but I know my daughter and she does not have an addiction problem. She is an awesome, caring, responsible and hardworking young woman who is going to loose her focus that she gets from Adderall. This is going to be a life changer for her! I'm thinking that she may need to find a new Dr. and be upfront with them about her occasional Marijuana use. She probably will even stop using it but the current Dr. said it wouldn't matter, they won't change their mind. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and how they dealt with it. Thanks!

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I just flat out pisses me off, the first Psyciatrist I had seen had me initial and signed 10pages of crap saying we will drug text you etc. i saw her twice and i had to find someone else. Luckily I did the next go around. First visit and I talked for about an hour told him my whole life about he asked questions and I was honest and he was and is the only doctor alive that I know who has common sense. I wasn’t diagnosed with adhd until I was 22 after going to my doctor md because I had finally a total breakdown. I started smoking pot when I was 15 and smoked till I was 30 almost every day. As I got older and my responsibilities changed, I began using less and less. I just can’t and don’t want to like I did before I’ve been seeing this doctor now for one year. In addition to my adderall he gives me something for anxiety and mood regulator since I’ve been seeing this doctor I smoke now once ever 1-3months

Find a new doctor. Good luck.

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Thanks for your reply!

It's so wrong that it's so difficult for Doctors to find out everything they can about the illnesses they come across everyday. It's easy to say they should do better but they are human too, and the world is way too complicated to expect anything to be easy.

It's soooo exhausting for the patients who are struggling with a problem to have the clarity and persistence to keep searching for help! Part of the difficulty is that we are struggling and that's why we need help! Sorry for this late night rant, but I'm so frustrated about this.

I don't smoke pot myself but I don't see it as anything worse than alcohol. It's unrealistic to compare this to opioids which is what supposedly brought these tests about. It's unrealistic to think that only drug addicts smoke. I personally know many professionals & parents as weIl as "loser types" who get high on a regular basis. Most people born in the 1950's or later have at least tried it. I wonder how many Doctors do? Most likely, more than we think. I don't believe it's as harmful as some believe although I personally think breathing in any kind of smoke isn't healthy for ours lungs. Cigarettes are more of a gateway drug and are far more dangerous. Nobody is testing us for cigarettes and alcohol. Seems there is another agenda. BUT I'm getting way off topic and my Adderall has worn off. Stopping now! =-)

ADHD does not mean we require babysitters, it means we require meds and strategies to thrive within neuro-typical constructs. If your doctor doesn't get that, I'd look for someone who does.

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