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The battle

The battle

To say the battle would be an understatement. I'm everyone here can understand agree that at some point it's not been easy, felt alone the stigma still firmly planned in the mine ADD / ADHD meant you just needed to be treated with harder discipline and often left out of things and you can't help but wondering why that is ! I am 34 years old a father of 5 beautiful children I'm severely dyslexic and ADD. If I had been able to get the help I don't know I needed at s younger age my life may be so much different I was the child at school that needed that little bit of extra time and help but was just shoved up the back of the classroom and given barely even a pass mark so I wouldn't repeat a year of school. So another words push him through the system.

In a small country town ADD is considered an embarrassment are odd. Finally I move to the city and eventually brought my first home got married had a family and the brought my second house.

Then after braking my back and neck for the second time in 10 years both times being told I would never walk again. Well I am!

Struggling with massive amounts of stress and health issues I could no longer financially support the mortgage the cars the bill "living and medical" forced to sell after 19 years of working everyday since I was 14 for one gaol, to own my home and retire comfortably with my wife.

The divorce papers arrived earlier this week

She said she was going to the shops and never came back

I lost my job because of very serious health issues we then lost the family home and then losing my wife and children all in the space of 18 months I lost everything that I cared about and worked my body into the ground for is gone.

My ex wife used the fact I am ADD and on dexamphetamine to say To accuse me of being a drug addict that just gutted me hurt really bad worst of all cutting me off completely from my children I don't know why she left other than that she said one night she could not stand to see me in a wheelchair anymore I was a depressing embarrassment to her 💔

I don't understand what I did or didn't do I gave all I had lovely to my wife and children I was a loyal husband and devoted father always there for my wife and children emotionally ,physically ,supportively the best I could. But the one time I really needed help to get through in one of the hardest Things in life anyone would have to go through ,and she left right . Right when I needed someone the most my wife left . Iv been through some really terrible things in life and survived every one of them.

Things are going to get better People say

All my life I have hear people say that

It may be true one day but right now at this moment I have to start all over again and I have absolutely no idea how to or where to start.

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You could start by yourself. I mean, remember who you are, what kind of person you have been this whole time and what kind of person you would like to be. Then work to achieve it. In a few words...improve yourself and prove you are worthy of your family. Everything is going to be ok, just never give up trying and meanwhile be as happier as you can.

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So sorry to hear that! And I thought I'd had tough year! I do think us ADHD types do get things happen to us that are heartbreaking and whole world falls apart but can be rebuilt. It takes time and it's not easy. I'd say if you have any Passions you enjoy interests or hobbies maybe it's a good time to pick back up in them. And perhaps get in touch with some old friends you not seen so much off for a good old catch up. Long term relationship break ups are tough but try to find something you enjoy to take mind off it a little bit could help you a lot. Oh and don't be afraid to ask for help from your family or friends it even neighborhood as I'm sure somebody will offer some support if needed. And well I don't have meds yet for my ADHD and having to get sleep tests at neourolgy for suspected narcolepsy on top of it. So my sleep cycles are totally messed up! Don't know if this helps at all.


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