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54 years old and newly diagnosed

Hello. New here! I'm surfing between total devastation and relief hourly. Because, I also have some generalized anxiety and have managed to isolate myself to hide my difficulties for years, it is painfully hard for me to seek support. I figured this forum may be a good place to start as I have questions, fears and so much confusion, this is one time in life I KNOW I can't not do this alone. I do have appointments for therapy and med management but I'm of course overwhelmed. Does the fear and sadness die down after while?

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You are doing the right thing. You are seeking help including this forum. We are all people and we need help in an out of crisis.

My advice:

1. Make a plan. What are your goals or what to you want to change in your life?

2. Make sure you get help from the right resources. I have from terrible to amazing experience from professionals. Give them a chance but also look elsewhere if it isn't working for you.

I have done isolation much of my life and am just starting to turn the corner. It hurts. Without help it takes away a growing piece of your life.

The good news: If you are serious about it, you will see improvements. That means getting out of a painful comfort zone. You will need to take small steps of what I have heard called "contrary acts".

Keep posting!!

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Hello, I am new also. I am also flipping between devastation and relief. Relief as to know what is really going on in my head and devastated that I may have to take a pill for ADHD along with the pills for other issues I have. Let's attempt to assist each other in this maze. It would be appreciated.