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Newly Diagnosed, just started treatment

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Hello there! I’m a gay 26M who just got diagnosed with ADHD. Getting a diagnose was such an incredible relief. I’ve been beating myself up my entire life for thinking I’m just incredibly lazy, ditzy and incompetent. It was so learn that I can receive support for what I’m going through. I’m overwhelmed by the most basic of tasks, and can’t do something as simple as read a book even though I’d like to. I’m excited to start improving my life, because I really don’t want to live this way forever.

I started 10mg generic adderral today and it’s so far been a good experience. It was incredible this morning to actually be able to answer emails quickly, and work on an assignment for more than 10 minutes straight. I still got distracted fairly easily, but I was better able to organize and I actually made a to-do list (normally making a to-do list is on my mental to-do list). However, it only lasted about 3.5 hours so now I’m frustrated again. It was like getting a small taste of what life could be like if I could focus on what I could accomplish, and then have it taken away.

My next appointment with my psychiatrist is supposed to be in two months. This is day 1, so I don’t want to assume that I know what’s best yet. But I am wondering if I need something long lasting. I have a super fast metabolism, so I don’t think one 10mg pill in the morning will do much except give me a semi-productive morning. I guess I’m not sure what normal life would be like with ADHD medication, and if what I’m experiencing is to be expected. I don’t anticipate that with the right medication, I’ll become a super incredibly motivated star employee/friend/family member who is never impacted by ADHD symptoms. But part of me just wants all of the symptoms to go away. I’m tired of being so frustrated at myself for not doing simple things, or not being able to hold a conversation with folks.

Anyway, that was a ramble! Glad this resource exists, and I’m excited to talk with more folks!

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I am so glad you reached out!! I was diagnosed in my 30's and can totally understand what you have gone through. The first thing that comes to mind is, there are some things/behaviors that will NEVER go away. Sorry... try very hard to come to terms with that. For example, loosing keys, starting several things, etc.

When I started my Adderall, the same thing, 10mg. I felt like super woman!! I could talk without hesitation, do one thing then the next, and had more energy. Then it idled off, still had the ability to talk/keep conversation, but not the go go go of stimulant. A But work with and trust your Psych. and keep advocating for yourself.

I have had to work a lot on myself, my confidents, my self-esteem, etc. It took me over 5 years with my therapist to see that I was discounting the greatness that is totally "only me"!! I am super creative, think out side the box...PLEASE ...I don't have a box! Sometimes drives my hubby crazy. I know now that I have to have positive people who support me and over time, understand and embrace every part of me.

This takes time..but you are not broken, find natural ways to allow your ADHD'ness to flourish!!

Many times at my work, I will organize things for myself and my coworkers will want the same changes because it makes there work easier/streamlined/ ect.

"WHERE WOULD WE BE WITH OUT MY A...D...H...D? A little corney but you can get the point.

I hope this helps and keep posting!!

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I am, too, in a state of profound relief. I think my greatest fear is that I will lose this progress. For this reason I am currently seeking a therapist or psychiatrist. My PCP prescribed Wellbutrin. I have only been taking the medication for 2 or 3 weeks but I've recognized a hopeful spirit that I haven't felt in awhile. It's kind of like the budding of a good mood. But I won't really know how effective it will be for 6 weeks when it's fully in my system. Nice to meet you!

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Hi Windowtothestars, I was diagnosed with ADHD at 38; before then, doctors had tried me on Prozac in the early 90s when I was a kid and then in my mid-30s a low dose of Seroquel... both times I've been on an SSRI, it was awful. Both times started and progressed nearly the same: two to four days of elation followed by ideation of walking off tall buildings and such. I've never been on any ADHD medication but I'd try it some time in a place with more medical treatment access, however I'd absolutely never take another antidepressant. I make it a point to never tell a doctor if I'm having a bad day because they seem so quick to launch an SSRI my way. It turns out, I'm not the only one with ADHD who has this trouble with antidepressants. I want to say that if you start feeling strange, like everything is perfect, euphoric, like you are invincible... keep your doctor's info handy with someone you love and explain to them you're on new medication, to contact your doctor if you start acting unlike yourself. I'm hoping this doesn't come off like concern trolling, but in the event it does, know that I seldom reply to anyone whose post doesn't deeply move or resonate with me.

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My understanding of Wellbutrin is that it is prescribed for depression but that it has had therapeutic effects on people with ADHD. It is an SSRI, though, so I definitely monitor my mood.

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I've read this here and on reddit about 10 times over the years so it was a double edged sword of relief and anxiousness because you want to feel like you're not alone but you also don't want other people to experience it. It happened to me twice with a wide duration of time between. Once was by a psychiatrist (specifically a weight psychiatrist my mom brought me to for compulsive eating of sugary things only as a kid) and years later in my early 30s by a general practitioner/primary care doctor with an internal medicine specialty I believe (after a layoff).

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I'd seen that psychiatrist 4 times and he either missed the diagnosis of ADHD (couldn't see the forest for the trees) or, more likely, because it was like 1992 or 3; it wasn't a common diagnosis then... I think diagnoses for it became prevalent around 1985. Either way, these days, neuropsychologists, psychologists, and psychiatrists have much more information about it so people like me are often finally putting the pieces of their stormy past together and younger people are getting the help they need when they need it.

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Yes. Same here man. It is a relief to learn that I’m not a horrible person but that there’s a reason

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Finding the right medication and dosage takes time. For some reason Adderall didn't work as well as Ritalin for me. I find my most productive days are when I have taken my medication, gotten enough sleep, and stick to my To Do list.

This might sound odd but meditation at night has really helped me sleep better. Kind of kicking myself for not trying it earlier, but guided meditation works so well for me. Self care is important.

Thank you for sharing your story

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