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Child with ADHD and divorce/custody


Some specialists say an adhd child should stay in one house and just visit the other parent every other weekend. Others say it is best for them to have equal time with both parents but with minimal movements so week to week at each house. All say to keep the same structure in each house as close as possible. What is the right answer?

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I was seen another arrangement...

The kids live in the house and the parents rotate. The mom stays in the house with the kids and the dad stays in an apartment or condo. Then one week later the mom moves to the condo and the dad moved to the house. This family had 3 kids and one had extensive medical issues. But this model worked very well for the family.

But not all families get along well enough.

Just wanted people to know about this model if at all possible so the children don't have to do the moving.

Best of luck with this challanging period in your life. We are here for you when you need support.

It's not y'all 2 different parents it's sucks but just keep reminding them you are not at dads house you here. I think children need equal time because if you more structured and the other parent isn't you might be Looked at as the mean one. So be you keep your rules, don't try to run the other person home but if you see it's a distraction to the improvement of the childs behavior and structure then you have to explain to the child and try to have a sit down with the 3 of you and try to have the other parent back your rules and structure in your home and explain that this will make them a productive adult. If that can't work pray.

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