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I am new on this chat, this is my story. I have a 7 yrs old boy who received early intervention therapy when he was 1 1/2 until 3 yrs. I noticed when he started walking at 9 months he was tippy toeing. I went to his Pediatrician when he was like 1 yrs old and she said that was normal because his feet were just trying to adapt to this new milestone. Then I noticed my child was playing with his hands and wasn't speaking much. Spoke again with provider who recommend early intervention services just in case, my child was almost 2.He received a diagnosis of having some type of autism spectrum disorder but was not diagnosed with Autism. He received Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy but then he started Head start at the age of 3 and was responding fine so between the therapists and myself determined he didn't need the services anymore. My child did well on head start and also kindergarden and 1st grade but now at 2nd grade he is having difficulties focusing, controlling himself (Hyper) etc. I was informed about this in May 2017 when the after school program kicked him out for being out of control (not aggressive at all), but just not listening to teachers etc. I noticed his grades went down but they were improving and I always had open conversation with his regular 2nd grade teachers. Went to a Psychiatrist and a LMSW and my child was diagnosed with ADHD. The Psychiatrist want to give him medication but his father and I are not so happy about this because of all the stories we've heard regarding medications on children. My son ADHD he is not violent towards anybody, is more like shy, he is scare to talk etc. but moves a lot and talks as well. I just want to help him and give him the best treatment possible so he can do well at regular school. I don't think he needs special ed, but some accommodations to help him might be need it. I have a friend who's son have Autism and she said he is doing very well with just therapy, but he goes to special schools. I know in my state NY they have public school program and I am just waiting for 08/29/2017 for office at school to open to request an evaluation, but I don't want to waste time, but medication is something I need more help to get through it for my child. Any advice will be greatly appreciate it.

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  • I have 23 years old son. Hi was like your kid, he took medication since he was 6 year old until finished high school. now is still with ADHD but he can control his behavior to much better. I think I took good decision with medication because he never had problems in the school and he improved the self-esteem. for me was the most important.

  • Thanks so much for your input. Is just that I am scare he will be like a zombie with this type of medication and I don't want him to be. I am trying to research the most I can to help him better.

  • My son is 6yo and we just started the medication journey- I chose to trial the medications because I wanted him to enjoy school. I see value in medication if it is proven to be effective but just like you I was afraid my son would loose his "spark"- what makes him- HIM. I think the key is finding someone that will hear you and someone that knows the medications- after trying a stimulant from his PCP I chose to send him to a psychiatrist purely for medication management- it's important for the person prescribing to know all the side effects and respect a parents input. Stimulants proved to make him very aggressive which created a new obstacle in the home and at school. We are now working on a short acting non stimulant which is going well. It definitely is trial and error but if you have a good team put together it will be okay. Trust your gut through every process- best of luck!

  • Thanks so much. Well I am waiting for a psychiatrist at the hospital we go but they just have me in the waiting list. In the meantime he is seeing a LMSW and PMHNP who was the one trying to give him the medication. They want an intermediate med, you know for school time, it has to be something from about 8-10 hours maximum. She mentioned methylphenidate, but that's just the clinical name, generic. I just want to help my child but like you I don't want him to lose his identity.

  • I understand- we are trying the short acting meds for my son because he seems to metabolize medications slowly and the side effects are just too much to deal with. The school is able to assist with medication management with a doctors note. I would say try- give your feedback- and follow your gut. If your child does experience symptoms you don't like then stop the medications safely and discuss other options. We tried 4 options in the last few months- I provided my feedback and at the end of the day if he isn't able to thrive while on them he will be off of them. Its definitely a treatment modality that was worth exploring with the success many others have had on it but if you don't feel like it's the right time explore it some more and discuss options again later down the road. Best of luck!

  • I will thanks so much!!

  • Yes, I think it's a good idea to request the school to evaluate. Get it in writing so you can keep track of it. Learn all you can about ADHD. Sometimes it's hard to see if your child needs help at school. My daughter was able to learn everything in first grade, the teacher kept saying "she knows all the information" but she wasn't getting her seatwork done. Then her test scores became irregular because she was not finishing them. Anyway, kids adapt to a certain point but when they can not adapt anymore then we need to make accomidations. Good luck!

  • Thanks so much for your input. Exactly what I want. He's so shy but at the same type hyper that I know some accommodations will help him a lot. Will start him in the trial meds Methylphenidate CD 10 mg tomorrow before school starts to see his reaction.

  • First day or two of new med can be rough. Stick it out to day ten before making final decision. We are on day nine of Vyvanse, day one was non stop talking, even more than usual and day two was lots of crying. Now I can say this is helping her hyperness and concentration but I'm still not sure if it's the best of if we'll switch. We have a great pediatrician so that helps. Good luck!

  • Thanks same to you.

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