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I'm mot new here really, I am the Grandmother of a now 6 year old boy who has all the signs and symptoms of ADHD and possible Asperger's Syndrome. I have been searching reading a kids like this, parents of, with these conditions, I've tried reaching our to several organizations the provide therapy and completed a couple of assessments. I'm no where. I can't even get a Dr. to confirm his diagnosis. We didn't want to do prescription medicine because of the horror stories of being put on one medicine just to possibly having to try several other within months. I just saying he's only six, and would be a medication that could make him better or worst or dependent for the rest of his life.

The problem is he's out of focus in everything from Karate,, swimming lessons, and at school, and he just got suspended from school for fighting. This doesn't sound like him. He's plays well with other kids younger and older at our house and others. He's not able to return to school until we have a meeting with his teach and the special ed team.

I need real honest answers and advise! Where do we go for help?


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7 Replies

  • Hi, Your story is very common. Try contacting your state “parent information and training center” for special education help. Also www.wrightlaw .com has lots of good info. Maybe request (in writing always—no phone calls or e-mails) a Functional Behavior Assesment (FBA) from your school. If your your grandson already has an IEP (Individualized Education Program), try requesting a meeting to voice your concerns and to look at amending his IEP.

    Regarding AD/HD, decades of research from multiple places tell us the best most effective treatment is called a multi model approach of both AD/HD medication and counseling/therapy. Research also tells us your grandson is less likely to become addicted to meds that are prescribed by doctor than kids who don’t use meds for treatment but are exsposed to them later in life. The whole medication thing is a roller coaster but may be well worth it. Good luck and don’t back down!

  • I didn’t want to put my granddaughter on medications but we finally did when we had exhausted every other option. She was in the second half of her 1st grade year at school. She does much better now and tells me she doesn’t feel “so blooey “ Your grandson may feel over stimulated at school which may contribute to his fighting at school and not in other places. Does he have an IEP or 504? That could help address any struggles he is having at school.

  • Have the meeting and get him evaluated for an IEP. Make sure they have a Behavioral Specialists in the program. I'm assuming this is public school. His Pediatrician needs to evaluate too. Make sure the Dr specializes in ADHD and Asperger! Sounds like he needs meds. No horror story here with mine... Its trial and error with the meds!

  • Okay, so we went to meeting yesterday, we meet with the assistant principle, Special Ed. Supervisor, and one other person. They are all aware of this capabilities. As it turns out this was series of events the led up to him being let go from school early and at the meeting we were given a cope of the discipline report and ways that they are trying help him be more calm. His Pediatrician have a lot of information on him but has yet give us the official diagnosis. IEP and therapy in place at school.

  • We tried everything when my grandson was in kindergarten and he kept getting in trouble. How fun was that for him? We were afraid he would start to hate school. Meds made all the difference. I know adults who are on ADHD medication because they could not focus on their job. You have to decide what is best for your family but also think about the child's self esteem

  • I understand

    He has a great sel-esteem. As we do a lot of activities with him. I know the meds can help, it just that we don't was something that will alter his personality or leave him slugish.

  • When my son was 3, a wise doctor told me that when the time comes to decide about medication, to remember that if he needs it, it's "cruel not to." He is 14 now and has been medicated for 8 years. His brain actually needs the chemical to function properly. The doc was right - he is much calmer, can focus in school and is happy most of the time. It's not perfect, but we are surviving.

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