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need advice


hello everyone a few months ago my nine yr.old was diagnosed with adhd we are dealing but the problem now is that her father and his wife dont think she has adhd .so yesturday my daughter went for a visit and the wife asked my daughter to read but she couldnt because the wife made my daughter very nervous and cried for a long time so now they dont think she has adhd there saying shes lazy what should i do believe my daughters father and his wife .please give me some advice

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I am going through the same thing. My son's dad won't give him his meds when my son is with him. My sons dad also punishes him, yells at him, etc. When I get my son back from his time with his dad. I have to reset everything.

I tried explaining what would help my son and it has fallen on deaf ears. all of my son's dad's wrong doing is affecting his education, self esteem, social skills, etc. You are not alone. Any advise would help me too

Its just so frustrating for me that my daughters father and his wife don't think that she has adhd i was about to put her on medication but that's on hold for now also my daughter doesn;t want to go to her father's house and i'm so glad for this group .

It is never easy. I have started giving natural vitamins which helps when my son is not on his meds. It may be worth getting advise from the Psychiatrist on how to work with the other parents.

Sorry to hear that you are going through this with your daughter's father and his wife. Its very hard in the beginning as a mother to find out that your child has ADHD and then for the other parent to be in denial. Always remember that you have to do what's best for you and your daughter. Many people have so many opinions when we as mom's choose to put our kids on medication. They don't understand how difficult it is just going through without the medication. Then when you put them on the medication you have to pray that it is the right medication for them. Hope everything works out for you and your family.

What kind of custody arrangement do you have? Even if it’s shared, you can show the other parent isn’t following medical advice and ask a court to give you decision making power. We had this problem with my husband’s ex and another type of medication. Now he has custody and the right to rescind her visitation if it’s for a medical reason. So if she doesn’t give him medication or refuses to do appointments during her time, she would lose visitation sessions until it’s resolved, or they can be interrupted for my husband to give meds. She follows instructions to a T now and we have zero problems.

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