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Is my StepDaughter has ADHD??


Hi Im jhen I Have fiance and we have 1 Child but my fiance have 1 daughter of his X.. but his daughter is with Us since 1yr old ..his daughter now is 4 yrs old..first Im curious why his daughter super hyper cant focus of one thing like watch tv, writing, or even watch nursery ryhmes in cellphone she really cant focus. I dont know why. Some says maybe she has an ADHD first I dont think so cause shes just a little and maybe its normal for her age but days and yrs past she act deffirent than her age levels so im so very curious now and i did online research for what the syntoms of person has ADHD and yes his daughter has all of those syntoms.

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Sound like adhd but like possible autism too. Many of the kids with adhd love their tv, phone and video time with no way around it. Keep searching for your diagnosis, don't stop with adhd, it a great start but there is something else. Many of the folks here have sought the advise of therapist that could help.

Hi Jhen,

I will recommend to talk to her pediatrician and express your concerns. Do not jump to meds until she is fully evaluate.... Request therapies to see if it can help.

My son was recently diagnosed but prior to that I had my concerns and i started using essential oils and natural herbs.

Best of luck,

I am using the Kids Attention Gold...

Klau07 in reply to Sebastian28

Does the oils

Work? How do you do that? I want to do it for my son. I did Mountain Dew and that works it calms him down.

Sebastian28 in reply to Klau07

I use a blend of lavender, viviter...rub onto bottoms of big toes, bottom of feet morning and night. I also do it behind his ears. It does clam him down and he likes the smell... ☺

Don't give any type of treatments if you are not quite sure what is going on. Talk to the pediatrician about any concerns. And remember, it is easier to focus on things you like to do than on things you have to do.

Hello Jhenny! Have you guys thought maybe taking her to a psychologist?

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