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Hi, I am new to this. My son is 5 yrs old and has yet to be diagnosed with adhd. He is having trouble in class with listening. Life at home with him is hard, because I do not know if it is going to be a hard day with him or a good day. I struggle with him because I do not know what to do. Its hard discipling him because he does not listen. Any advice would be appreciated.


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  • My son is 5 also and he has an diagnoses of ADHD and ODD. It has been rough he has been suspended from school 5 times because he is running around, or throwing things when he gets mad. I have taken away every thing and spanked him it does no good. For the pass 3 weeks he has been to school 4 days before he is suspended. The principal recommended Mark Twain alternative school. I said no at first, until i called the school and talked to the teacher. Who has only 4 children in her class. She explained that they are SSD and they work on varies skills to manage his angry. I am tried of crying not understanding whats going on with my son. All i can do is pray. Lord help. I am coming to terms that he is not the normal child. So i have to do what works for him, and a smaller class size where he can get the attention he needs will be better for him.

  • I know exactly how you feel. It's a battle every single day. My son drives me up the wall. My patience is wearing thin, I get frustrated a lot because I want help for him. I judt eant him to be able to sit still in class. I'm stressed all the time.

  • What kind of school suspends a five-year-old for running around? I definitely think you should find another school!

  • Wedgwood Elementary they just want him out i have filled out all the paper work for SSD. They sent me several emails given me a time and date to meet with a SSD worker. When i get their the asst. principal says it was not confirmed. I am tried and frustrated.

  • I also thought about private school but i dont think they have the support that he needs. I looked up the school the principal recommended it is ssd.

  • I think your best bet is to see your doctor and get him test for ADHD and other behavioral problems. Request the the school do testing as well. IEP or 504 plan at school.

  • He has a been tested , he has a diagnoses that i gave the school the first day of school. I have filled out all he paper work for ssd. They said ssd will only give him the minimal help which is 30 min a day. I dont know

  • I agree with getting him set with an IEP at school. An IEP or 504 would require the school to provide services to him that would benefit him, I would also check to see if you state provides any type of case manager for your child. We live in Virginia and have a case manager who provides support and tons of information on programs we qualify for and is also his advocate. I fully understand how you are feeling right now and the emotional and physical toll it takes on everyone and have said a little prayer for you as I type this up. Is he in any type of treatment program? Might be worth looking into different types of therapy? My son has intensive in home therapy, a therapeutic day treatment at school and may be starting equine therapy next month. Hope you find what you need for your son..

  • What kind of iep could they give a 5 year old ( asking because I’m thinking about getting one for mine)

  • Both of my grandsons were diagnosed in kindergarten. Medication made a world of difference but there have been upside down through the years. When I've done an IEP I have sent a letter to the school by certified mail. They have 10 days to respond and set up a meeting or they are in violation of federal law.

    Luckily I had a really good District counselor who helped me get the things I needed for his school. I researched IEPs online, talk to someone I knew who had one, so I knew what I could demand. The schools don't like doing them because it's a lot of trouble for them so you have to fight for what you want

  • None of this is OK, they are deliberately messing with you to deny the child access to education. You might want to look into a special education lawyer.

  • I finally got a meeting with SSD. After call and emailing everyone whose contact was listed on the SSD website. I got their attention, but i have also pissed off the principal. My son went back to school on Wednesday and was suspended the same day for kicking over chairs for 10 days. I cant win for losing. The SSD coordinator for Ferg Flor did call me to schedule an manifestation hearing. So he will not he suspended for doing things that he cant control. I had to resign from my job, i have no one to watch him. So i am trying to apply for SSI to help supplement my income and help get him the help he needs. Does anyone get SSI for their child? What is the process? What papers do i need to present?

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