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Hello!! I have a concern regarding my 4 y/o son. He has been exibiting behaviors of physical aggressiveness(only with kids and women) hyperness, and short attention span. I have tried all the natural products I could find!! They work for a short period of time but then stop. He is in Pre-K and the teacher and principal calls me everyday!!! I have requested he be tested and they finally put a move on it AFTER I called the school board. It's seems like the teacher is just frustrated with him and wants him gone, the principal in my opinion has no mannerisms at all. When I picked my son up he just looked at us crazy, no words of encouragement or no advice, just rude. However, my husband is an otr truck driver and when I tell you when he is home my son is a totally different child! He behaves and has minimum difficulties in school and socially. My question is, do u think I should put him on meds or should my husband come home to find a job that he would be home every night. I am not sure if ADHD or ADD cuts on and off with certain people but I am not sure what to do in this case. Any advice would be great! Most importantly is I know that the Lord will heal him! Praying for you all and your children as well! Pray for my strength in the Lord!!

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So sorry you have to go through this with your baby I know that you said you use natural stuff does that mean gluten-free ? Something that my doctor recommended for my son nine years old that is working really great is Coffee and Tea She says because of the caffeine in it but not soda she said caffeine and slowdown the brain of a child with ADHD and it allows them to focus better also keep away candy any type of sweet stuff find me a son even certain foods with coloring a lot of time does not agree and and you mention about how well behaved he is when your husband is around or maybe that can be a factor or so of his behavior because he is seeking attention when your husband is not around her and did you inform the school that he has ADHD because there is something called a 504 plan that the schools always have to put in place for our kids and I and of course I’ll tell you continue to pray lay your hand On your son and tell God to take charge do it every night and every morning that God know that you leave it all in his hands and my let him do the rest I pray for you

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Thanks for your response!! I was told to get him tested for food allergy/sensitivity and I plan on doing that soon.The tea is it sweet tea(iced) or hot? I have heard this works a lot!I am not sure if the natural meds are gluten free so I will definitely check on that. The school told me they cannot render any services until after THEY screen him! I think that's 504 plan would really help us out a lot!

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My son is the same way: terrible at school, almost no issues at home. Have him evaluated for ADHD, but also for Anxiety. Anxiety in children often manifests in behavior problems because they don't know how to express it another way. If he has an ADHD diagnosis he will qualify for an IEP and possibly an behavior improvement plan. Unfortunately schools don't have to do anything without that diagnosis, so it's important to be thorough. We have tried 8 different medications with my son, and nothing has worked until we tried Prozac to treat the anxiety. It's only been a week, but so far the improvement at school has been noticeable. Good luck.

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Thank you so much for the response! He is going to the Dr on the 5th and I was thinking that he may have anxiety as well! Prayers to you and your child!!

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Hi! If your child is ADHD he could also be experiencing a mood disorder as well. Especially when the father is away at work. He may not be able to handle his mood swings that come with ADHD and sometimes, something as little as the father being away from work, can get his moods going and he probably just doesnt know how to handle those moods yet. ADHD children cant control their moods like one of his peers could so they will act out in all different ways from kicking, screaming, yelling, throwing things, cussing, etc. Definitely go to the doctor and talk it over and your doctor will refer you to the right resources.

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Thanks!! I will definitely mention that. I have been reading that ADHD has symptoms similar to mood disorders, bi polar disorder, and it depression. I want to make sure he is diagnosed correctly, I am really not wanting to put him on meds!! 😓😓

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