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13 km walk

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Went for my walk at 6.20 am . 16 degrees early but pleasant. Near miss with a deer running into a field , all I saw was it dashing into field. Close shave. My walk was more walking along on path next to the railway line and more pavement walking. On way back home saw some ducks still sleeping, nothing stirred as I walked past. long lie it must be weekend. Back by the riverside and past the abbey to complete 13 km. my music run out just 10 mins from home on Spotify. Took 2 hours 3mins for 13 km. pleased 😀 with Mr Garmin as VO2 max is 35 and excellent top 15 % of age and gender, and fitness age of 20 🤣 I wish. Mr D did 10 .19km run 🏃‍♂️ in 1hour 1 min 53as well he is trying to get under 1 hour but he is nearly there .

Have a nice weekend 😊

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Well done 😃

Yes, I’m beginning to ponder about taking a power pack on longer rambles or runs.

Nice one! 👍🏽

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