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New to group motivation and support


Hi all

Just restarting my journey before all these lockdowns I was doing around 15000 to 20000 steps but working from home some days and restrictions struggling to get 10000 and not feeling very motivated on my own so am hopefully this group will give me the focus and motivation to succeed wish me luck xx


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Good luck, and enjoy your walks xxx

Well done! 20k steps sounds brill!

Not sure if you ever considered listening to something whilst walking, it certainly helps me when running. And the times I have to walk alone, it’s essential to keep me going.

(I have a lot of fun with the Zombies, run app, and there is a similar app by them called The Walk. Might just help?)

Enjoy your walks!

Welcome to the group! Try walking someplace that you really enjoy. If you have a local mall that is actually open, you can walk and window browse at the same time. I like to walk at my local nature parks. I also volunteer with my daughter at a local dog rescue and we walk dogs.

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