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Active 10 worked very well initially. However, recently it has been completely unreliable. For example, after walking briskly for 30-minutes it would show two minutes. I tried uninstalling and installing it again to no avail. Yesterday it's performance was stellar: I had spent over 5 hours driving from London to Plymouth and my only walking was across service station car parks. However, active 10 indicated that I had walked for 244 minutes of which 62 were brisk! !

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I think the app is great to get people into the brisk walking method... and it’s done it’s job there with your introduction. Yep, it’s unreliable for some reason, which I hope will be fixed in the future. You know what you’re actually doing though... if you prefer you could now change to a walk tracking app (eg MapMyWalk) to record and keep a log of your walking.

I have also had this kind of problem but have come to the conclusion that where I carry my phone is important. If it is in a coat pocket it is erratic but if I put it into the back pocket of my jeans then it is far more accurate. Has anyone else had that experience?

I'm with you. Jacket pocket may or may not work. I now leave my phone in a trouser pocket and have never had a problem . One oddity, it even registers me on the exercise bike as brisk walking if I pedal fast enough. But that suits me fine. Exercise is exercise.

Not reliable at all

I just wish it would go back to the previous version. That was so much better and much much more useful

Very unreliable,stopped using it

slipstick in reply to CH951

Mine's still working well though I do wonder if it sometimes gets a bit over-enthusiastic. I did an 80 minute walk today and it reckoned 68 minutes was brisk. I didn't really think I was walking that fast...but I'll take it ;).

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