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Race walking training tonight.

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Every Thursday I go to my race walking session. It is an hour long and my coach really works me hard but I am getting better all the time. My pace has been stuck for a few weeks but I have a half marathon two weeks on Sunday so I have been doing my distance training and I do find it hard to do distance and speed work in the same weeks. I can either go short distances fast or long distances slow.

I still find it amazing where this walking journey has taken me. Anybody got anything nice planned for what hopefully might be a sunny weekend here in the uk?

Happy walking to you all.

Rfc x.

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I admire your fast walking RFC. I tried 'brisking' up my walks while doing a run-walk last weekend, and had to abandon my run halfway through due to knee pain when running. Could be a coincidence, or perhaps I'm just built for a pokey walk. Might need to miss my race this weekend, but I've got a long walk planned with a friend tomorrow and I might volunteer at Parkrun if they need a tailwalker.

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Oh noooo sorry to hear about your knee and your race, hope it all behaves soon. I must of given it a lot more last night than I thought as I ache this morning, Hehe I’m supposed to be doing a long outing (18km) on Sunday so hope I have recovered a bit for that. Take care and enjoy your long walk with your friend.

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Gosh Rfc, this 2nd half marathon has really come round quick! Hope your training continues to go well! The weather forecast for the weekend is lovely - just right for a walk x

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So sorry to hear about your knee runswithdogs - so frustrating when your body doesn't cooperate! Look after yourself x

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That sounds really great, how did you first get involved with race walking? Best of luck with the race 😊

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After my surgery last year I couldn’t run for a while but I missed my faster paced workouts. I did a bit of research and found an Olympic coach who trained in race walking and I go for an hour training session every Thursday night, it costs me £4.20 and I love it. He is teaching me competitive walking and I am now walking as fast as I can run.

Ps. I am a really slow low runner. 😀.

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Excellent value - sounds good fun 😊

I'm going swimming early on Sunday morning. It's 2km or so there and back to the pond so I will get a walk in too.

My knee is still causing problems which is a great shame. It means I can't 'brisk walk'. I've concluded a slow walk is better than no walk.

I've recently downloaded the NHS strength and flexibility podcast. Maybe that will be my excercise on Monday.

Have a lovely active weekend everyone.

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Oh NekoJ, I feel for you! So frustrating when your body doesn't cooperate with you.;) I have a body like that too, but Rfc once told me to celebrate what my body CAN do and to give thanks for the good days I have. I must say, since doing so I'm much more accepting of the bad days! Good luck with the knee!:)

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I am so sorry about your knee and I hope you get some resolution soon for it. Kay is right a 2km walk is still a good walk and will help to keep your fitness on a level while that knee heals. Also if you just continue to do that you will be building up all the other leg muscles so when your ready to brisk walk it will be easier so you are working towards it in a positive direction. Stregnth and flex will help. Some of us who have done flex and Stregnth found it easier to do the exercises at home and then go for a walk, see how you feel with it luckliy it is one you can play around with and fit it InWith you. Have a great weekend.

Thank you. Yes, I do strength and flex at home! Marching around my (tiny) living room!

Today I went to the pond for a swim, left my bag in the changing rooms and then strengthed and flexed around the meadow! Popped back for a swim and then a walk home. I will certainly keep it up and keep in mind that I am going in the right direction. Xxx

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