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Step Goal

Happy New Year all.

I’m a mature student and finding I’m gaining pounds while sat behind a desk. I’m aiming to gradually increase my activity levels to get in 10’000 steps a day. I’m also doing the couch to 5k ready for a charity run in June.

Time is short most days so need as much motivation as I can get.

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Hey Scarlet48, you've come to the right place! With Active 10 research shows that if you brisk walk (so that you can talk, but not sing) for 10 minutes 3 times a day you'll reap the benefits of getting fitter, healthier and lighter! As a student, a ten minute break is just the ticket - and a bit of fresh air inbetween study sessions will surely renew your energy levels. Good luck!

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Sitting at a desk is tough - I do it every day for my job. As Kay says, a short walk is a great break from studying. I also am enjoying meeting up with friends for a walk and coffee, rather than always meeting for a sitting coffee or meal. Walking is also great on your off days for C25K. I think you'll enjoy both.


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