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AAA Diagnosis

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Good afternoon

I was diagnosed with an AAA Feb 2017 at the age of 56, a bit scary i have to say, i would like to talk with others who have a similar diagnosis preferably as close to my home city of Bath, to compare experiences and any advice IE talking exercise losing weight and getting fitter.

I look forward to your responses.

Many thanks Andy



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I am sorry you have had a diagnosis of AAA. I’m not quite sure what it is but I do know that medical conditions can knock us for six when we first hear about them. Our little forum is about helping people getting back to fitness and exercise so if you have the ok to start exercising from your Gp we will help you to build up. Also have a look on the other forums to see if anyone can help with your specific health problem


Thank you for your reply i had been pointed to this web site as a friend had seen previous AAA related postings, please google AAA you might find it very informative, and i would very much like to hear from others with the same diagnosis.

I have managed to lose 6 stones by regular exercise and going plant based still about a stone to go, so feel very well equipped to help others do the same and of course still open to advice from others and their experiences.

Best regards

Andy / Bath22, I just found this after so long, sorry! How have things gone? Did you find any info and has your AAA progressed and/or have you had treatment?

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