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31 May 2018 | 3 Active 10s every day since my last post


I have not been on this site in over a month. However, I have been regular in doing my part. Walked the Stanford Dish 14 times this month with a total of 24 times in 2018. I manage the 3.6 mile walk in 54-57 minutes and enjoy huffing and puffing going uphill. To Dr. Michael Mosley and all my friends in this community: thank you for nudging me along.

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Hello there, we were missing you. Glad you have kept up the good work. Well done. Rfc x.


Hi there svgeeks, I've been wondering how you're getting on! Well done on your terrific achievement on walking the Dish so many times! :)

Wow. You're really dedicated with those walks. Glad to see you back.

svgeeks in reply to runswithdogs

Thank you, runswithdogs. As obsessions go, my need to make my 3 Active 10s every day is probably OK.

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