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Need to walk tomorrow!

Oh gosh, don't know if I'm lazy or a bit under the weather but I've only been out twice this week! I love, love, love the warm weather, but even though I make sure I stay hydrated, I just can't get up speed and I feel exhausted after about 20 minutes tops. It's supposed to be overcast with showers tomorrow, so I really need to get out for a decent walk!

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You might be the same as me Kay. I had to take an antihistamine this week due to hay fever, I woke up on Tuesday and felt like I had been kicked. Got it under control and felt better in a couple of hours. MrRfc has had the same as well. I am sure when there is a thunder storm it kicks it all up and unsettles it

Hope you get to the bottom of it soon and feel good again

Take care

Rfc x.


The effects of hay fever just never crossed my mind - and it should have cos my nose has been dripping for a while now! Antihistamine it is! Thanks Rfc - if I walk my usual route I pass a chemist too, so it's all good!


I find in the heat everything slows down and it takes so much more effort to do little things. Spring and fall really are the best.


You're right runswithdogs! Luckily it's cool today so I managed my usual 3500 steps, but still didn't get any brisk walking. Hope your half marathon goes well this weekend - fingers and toes crossed for you!:) :) :)


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