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So nice to see the sun again,

and about time too 🙄. We went for a few days recently to the Peak District and was able to get out for a couple of nice walks between the showers! Fortunately the better weather has arrived (maybe temporarily) and I've had a lovely time walking in our local area. Yesterday was a 7mile walk, which turned out to be be quite a boggy and rutted walk but was great to be out there without my coat and see some great views of London.

Today the rain has returned.......

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I know I’m sat here looking out and thinking yesterday was a dream. Fingers crossed we get that lovely weather again soon. It sounds like you had a lovely break with some great walks.

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Sounds like you've had a fun time, Mazzy00! Isn't it great to have a bit of sunny weather? It really lifts your spirits to go walking when it's warm and bright!:)

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Have another walk for me please. We just got another dump of snow. I forget what the world looks like when it isn't all white.


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