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How to walk comfortably when it is cold

Walking takes the body a little more time to warm up than running so it is important to dress warmly for the start of your walks. Especially as the temperature keeps dropping at the moment.

One of the best ways to deal with any changes in body temperature as you pick up your pace or walk longer is to layer up. When it is really cold I tend to have a base layer, a little vest type top, then a short or long sleeved T shirt type top and then a fleece if it is not raining or if it is a windproof jacket. I always like to be able to take items off and tie them round my waist or put then in a back pack if I have one on.

I find one thing that can change the way a walk feels is to either be too hot or too cold and if your doing Active 10 you are bound to be warming that body up while you are picking up the pace. So layering is a great way to always feel comfortable.

Anyone else got any ideas about keeping comfortable with temperature changes while walking. Hot or cold we have people from all round the world here and I know it is very hot in Australia at the moment.

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Some tips from Canada on walking in the cold:

Wear a scarf or cover your mouth if you're asthmatic or have breathing difficulties. The air is easier to breathe if it's been warmed up.

If you're not sure what to wear or it's really cold pick a small route around your house or a shopping center, coffee shop, etc so that you can duck in if you've dressed wrong or get too cold. I always keep a couple of dollars in my pocket so that I can enjoy a nice hot beverage and stay a little while to warm up guilt free, or I can hop on a bus if it's too cold and I've walked too far.

Mittens are warmer than gloves.

Socks are important for walking in the cold. Don't cheap out if you get cold feet. I have a fancy, expensive ($20CDN) pair of thick merino hiking socks that I only use in winter for spending time outside.

If you've been walking and working up a sweat and you stop, you'll get cold. So keep moving, or buy fabrics that wick the sweat away. Nothing cotton. That's the cardinal rule of clothing choices for hikers as it does not insulate when wet.

Or consider walking inside! Earlier this week I went for breakfast with a friend and then walked around the shopping mall with a bunch of other early morning walkers. It did the trick!

Happy walking folks.


Thanks for those tips, runswithdogs - here in the UK we're always going on about the weather, but a lot of us really don't dress for it! Nor do we have strategies for coping with it! I went out the other day with no gloves, can you believe? Now I'm keeping a spare pair in my trusty sholley!


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