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Brisk walking weather

Hi I am doing a 2-3 mile brisk walk today. Its dry but windy. A few inclines to help get the blood pumping. I found a great w-book by Amanda Hyatt about walking for weight loss. Three different stages/ levels of walking you can incorporate I to any activity. I used it in the supermarket Friday morning and with a trolley full of shopping incorporated some calf and hamstring stretches too.

I had pizza and half a lager last night as my treat but feel terrible today so this should help.

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There's an icy wind blowing here too - I don't think I'll be walking far today, if at all - I'm not as brave as you! I'll see how I feel later, but I'm aching just now. That book sounds really interesting - I fancy reading it. Thanks for sharing!


Sounds like an interesting read. And good for you for stretching! That's something I frequently overlook but it helps so much


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