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Hello everyone! I've just joined this group as I really want to get fit and healthy in 2018. My aim is to complete 10000 steps a day and to start doing other exercises too- need to get fit and lost about 2 stone. Have known for a long while that I need to do this but now feels like the right time.....got 2 dogs who will help get me out and about! They are German Shepherd sisters -Elsa is about 18 months and Jojo 11 months so both very fit and energetic!

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Hi 2018ismyyear and welcome to our forum! You have taken a giant step towards reaching your goal by recognising your need to get healthier! We have all levels of walkers who post here, from those who walk many miles to those like me who struggle to achieve 2500 steps! It may help you to write down a weekly/monthly plan - slow and steady is the way to go if you haven't exercised for a while. Whatever level you're at, you'll get support here. Good luck!


Welcome to our forum and 2018 will be your year! Dogs definitely help us to reach our walking goals - they are so happy with a good walk. Keep us posted on your progress and your goals, and of course, share some photos along the way.


I am now managing 10,000 steps a day though in this weather it's a bit of a struggle, but with the dogs that should help you. Best of luck and I look forward to hearing how you are doing... have you seen the Kicking Ks challenge? We're trying to get to the moon and if you can add your Ks too that'd be great!


Welcome and congrats on your username!!!

Looking forward to seeing your posts and celebrating each success with you.

Looking forward too to hearing how Elsa and JoJo are finding the new you. Post pics if you can 😸


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