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I'm new too!

But I have been counting steps and trying to walk 10000 steps a day for about 10 years - or even more! When I was working I used to walk every lunchtime and also get off and on the underground one or two stops earlier/later. Now I'm retired I still walk - we have lots of lovely walks across the fields near where I live and we have a Sunday walking group to get out together. I am finding it more difficult to find time - I volunteer for lots of things - but these are often also exercise related - gardening for our 'in bloom' events so it all helps! We also have a caravan at wells next the sea- lots of lovely coastal walks there!!

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Hi there and welcome to our little forum. Sounds like you are keeping up with your steps there. It is so easy for life to get it the way but as you say sometimes you can end up doing more even if it isn't walking. Enjoy your coastal walks.


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