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I just found the site yesterday, so have done nothing constructive yet. I need encouragement and inspiration. I have been suffering from stress and depression, and the weight problem is all part of that, but I know that if I can get started, exercise in particular will help. I would be interested in advice about exercise and arthritis. Thanks!

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Buy a FitBit join Slimmimg World and start you journey...I posted on here last week so have a careful though check with your Doctor first and only do what you feel capable of..walking is great for the mind and body. Good Luck x

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Hi Belmum! I am also a newbie here - joined just 2 days ago! But you know, it feels like I've found my long lost family! The community is so welcoming, supportive and willing to share their experiences, you will definitely find encouragement and motivation here. You have already taken the first step to better fitness just by signing up to this group! Take things one day at a time - with arthritis you'll be able to do more on some days than others, don't beat yourself up on your bad days, it's the discipline of doing something regularly that matters! Good luck!


I was diagnosed earlier this year with psoriatic arthritis. I find it helps me to keep moving, the problems are worse for me if I don't move about during flare-ups. Of course, I change my exercise regime to be gentler and more forgiving during those times. Let us know how the walking goes. It's great for clearing your head.


Hi Belmum,

You sound in a similar place to me. I too have been suffering with stress and anxiety. My weight has just kept on rising and know I need to get exercising, as this will help generally. I have just signed up this morning and joined this as I feel walking is something I will be able to achieve. Just need help with the getting out the door so aiming for 10,000 steps will help.


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I'm right there with you needing encouragement and inspiration. By the time I get home from work I'm often feeling dragged out with no motivation. I would like to get up earlier in the mornings and take a walk, but have never been a morning person. And after work there is always housework and garden chores to be done. Sometimes I don't get to sit down until right before I wash up and head for bed. The struggle is real.

How can I change this and embrace mornings? Any ideas? Anyone?


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