Walking and have now managed at least 1 week!

Started my diet and then started walking for health, and set my target for 1/2 hour a day, and then set my target to 1km... now up to 1.5km - should have been 2km today but just missed my target and did 1.95km but at least I made the 1/2hour target easily! So still on track and have lost about 2lbs - not sure where though, lol!!!

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  • That is exactly how I started on Jan the first. 1 mile. Last Monday I walked 36 miles in 11.25 hours. I have now lost 10kg and feel a million times fitter. Small increments in distance and you will soon be a slimmer long-distance walker. Good luck and keep walking.

  • Well done you! It's all about making habits we can sustain. Sounds like you've made a great start!

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