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'Stepping Out'


Haven't posted since joining this challenge! However now I've got my Omron step counter I'll be posting more often. This is my 3rd day using the Omron, the first day I amazed myself when I realised I'd walked over 13k steps, yesterday was a mere 11,500 and today was only 9390. I have hurt my back, therefore the 'slowing down'. I have an appointment to see the osteopath on Thursday so I'm hoping I'll be comfortable enough to step up to the mark again after that, sorry about the pun.

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Ahh great pun. Sounds like you're finding the step counter motivating. Hopefully you get the all clear from the osteopath.

Thanks runwithdogs. Yes, I'm loving the Omron but I haven't yet mastered the techniques of checking distances etc; I'm frightened I shall lose the day's counted steps if I start fiddling with the buttons! (Technophobe)

How many dogs do you have?

Ha. Nothing worse for the motivation than a technology fail. I have two dogs - they keep me mostly out of trouble.

Wow you must be so chuffed to see how far you have been traveling with accumulating all those steps. Well done.

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