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These trainers are made for walking

At last I am able to say, I have reached one of my goals...I managed to do over 5,000 steps 4 days last week. the total was 9.8 miles for the week, that was 2 x 1.6, 2 x 1.7, 1 x 1.5, 1 x 3,500 1 x 3,000 so not to bad. One thing that I'm not sure about, 10,000 steps every day but it seems to me others say have a least 2 rest days to give muscles chance to recover, what do our other walkers think? Well done to those that have made some progress, and good luck to the ones that are just starting :-)

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Well done with your increases you are going great guns there. With any exercise it is always best to take it slow and steady as you increase. When your body has got used to the increases walking is one exercise that can be done daily as long as you don't do miles and miles everyday when your body is not used to it.. Listen to your body and if you have any niggles have a day off and see how you feel, or just go for a gentle potter. Well done.


I'd agree with RFC. A slow build up is the way to go. Eventually you'll get more used to the increased effort and goals will have to be readjusted.


Thank you Realfoodieclub and runwithdogs for your comments, I think you are right to do what I feel I can. I was quite pleased with myself when I totaled up my miles, I really didn't think I had managed that much. I'm going to do that walk for a week or two see how it goes before I increase my target.. But at least I am 1/2 way to my 5 km 3 or 4 times a week.. Let's hope the weather stays good and happy walking to all... :-)


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