Trent TV's 'Are You Taken?'

Hey guys,

So I've been asked a huge favour from a friend. Basically, Trent TV is the name of my University's student TV station and are you taken is the show I've been begged to go on. I should probably explain what is it first, basically, there is one guy who is presented three girls, with the idea that he has to pick the single one, they all have a meal one of one etc and each girl has to convince him that she's single, of course I'm the 'taken' one, and another girl is either bisexual or homosexual? and the other is the single female. If he chooses the single girl he wins the prizes of a body pamper basket from the body shop and a free meal and drinks to take the chosen girl to the restaurant we are dining at.

But, if he chooses me, then I get the prizes and get to take my other half for free instead. During the whole show, I get a free meal and two free drinks which is awesome as I really like Red Hot Buffet, but I'm so self conscious, I've already tried to look at what I'm going to wear, I dont want to look like a numpty on TV and in front of strangers, but because of my weight gain (yes i know again) I haven't got many clothes, especially date worthy ones.

The only other problem is since the age of 14 I've been in relationships without the whole awkward first date scene so I've never done it, causing a bit of anxiety as well as the no clothes.

One of the girls had dropped out last minute and because I have a boyfriend he practically begged me to go on in the other girls place.

It's obviously and interesting and exciting opportunity but I don't even have the confidence to dress up nicely for a date with my boyfriend anymore let alone strangers.

Just don't know what you're supposed to wear? Do you go all out, or just a bit more casual? lol


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  • have to disagree with Bev - sound awful - the sort of tv that is all too prevalent these days but isn't really what I would consider entertainment.

    Not generally one for political correctness but this just sounds wrong on so many levels. It sounds more as if it is about shadenfreude - enjoying other people's embarassment and discomfort - than really informing or encouraging people to care about each other.

    Sorry to be so negative but I'd steer clear if it was me.

  • Hi Cara.

    In this case I would not feel you have to do it for a favour for anyone. If you

    Are nervous, anxious, or shy, or self conscious, in any way, think long

    And hard before you agree.

    It's hardly the best place to practice being self confident, I would prefer to

    Do that in front of a mirror in my own bedroom. Oh it would be ok maybe

    If you were a total extrovert. But it wouldn't be for me.

    Not that I am likely to be Really Cara it's up to you. But is it worth

    What the prize is.

    If you decide to do it a LBD as Hypercat says would be lovely.


  • you have a boyfriend ask him first! personally I would not do it for 3 reasons 1= if in a relationship you dont want to spoil it! 2= sounds too much like a meat market! (Sleazy) 3= being a Male I really dont think I would look good in Chiffon lol

  • Hi Cara,

    I think I agree with Gambit, Hannah, and Dell... It sounds like you don't REALLY wanna do it, and you're doing it

    for the wrong reasons, have a good think why you wanna go through with it..

    It's totally up to you hun, just make sure you're sure lol

    Good luck!

    Luv, Holly xxx

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