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Time to be a bit healthier…

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Hi, just joined this group. Am nearly 50 and decided it’s time to take a bit more care of my health. Weight has risen over the last few years (have been running own business with my other half, through Brexit and Covid etc…)no children but have lovely nieces/nephews. Love cooking and healthy eating but have spent lot of time working on a computer from home and turning to wine in the evening to relax. Hoping I stay motivated..🙂

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Hello! I'm in the same kind of situation in terms of weight gain over the last few years.

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Blue7sea in reply to GathGold

I think a lot of people our age get to this point, I would like to start to make a few positive changes now, I think I have just got out of the habit of taking care of myself and that has a knock on affect on your mood etc, To look after other people we need to also be kinder to ourselves.

I think a lot of people had a few drinks every night during lockdown. I know I did what are you looking to do lose weight do a bit more exercise. I like to use HASfit they are on you tube and have lots of routines. You could try couch to 5k but if running isn’t something you want to do try walking and getting 10,000 steps a day in. I like to run and strength training. I also use my fitness pay app to keep track of what I’m eating it’s free or you can pay for it. At first it’s a bit tedious as you have to weigh food or scan bar code but once the food is in there you don’t need to put it in just search for it.Good luck

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Thanks for the tips. I think a lot of it is also down to focussing on getting things done each day and completely forgetting that you also need to take care of yourself and do things you enjoy. Am going to try again with walking then couch to 5k and maybe some paddle boarding as a friend is getting one for her 50th and we are both beginners!

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Belle76 in reply to Blue7sea

You have to give your self some time each day as no one else will, I get up earlier than I need to to give myself my time that I need for me. Me and my husband now only have a drink over the weekend now. There are some nice alcohol free drinks available.

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That’s true, have just started to do this…also looking for lower alcohol wine and checking size of glasses/home measures😁 thanks for the support

Hi and welcome ! It’s easy to do I find since Covid and now that cases are rising again I don’t want to go out much well and that my depression has gotten way worse . I quit drinking in February not that I had a problem but to see if it would help with depression it didn’t but found out how many empty calories I was consuming actual have lost some weight due to not drinking. Wishing you strength to get healthier and do things that promote that . 💞

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Blue7sea in reply to Sueislove

Thanks, is hard to do fun things when you feel down but just realising that a small thing you like doing helps…even clearing out a cupboard seemed to help (as did throwing away my old school reports😁) all the best

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