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Brown inhaler / Ashma

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Does anyone here have ashma and take the brown inhaler daily? Have you ever had a change in voice as in croaky voice if so what’s has been the cause? Any advice gratefully appreciated

Thanks in advance xx

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Hello, I get a croaky voice & my asthma nurse has advised me to always gargle with some water after. I also use a spacer device which means that when you inhale it doesn’t hit the back of your throat which tends to create the croakiness. Asthma Uk has some good information on it’s website & it’s worth talking to your asthma nurse as well. Hope that helps!

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Edmonton81 in reply to mabel22

Hi hun Thank you so much for that how often do you take it? I take mine once in the morning and night? My croaky ness

Came on suddenly and seems to crop up now and again

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mabel22 in reply to Edmonton81

I used to take 2 puffs morning & evening like yourself but unfortunately my asthma has worsened & I’ve had to go up a couple of inhalers. Fingers crossed it continues to be occasional. x


Thanks so much for your help, pls stay safe and well. Blessings to you

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