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So much pain :,(

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Hi, I am currently experiencing really deep horrible back pain, that is kind of penetrating through to my left ovary area. The back ache is not relieved with rest or sleep and if anything is probably better when I’m moving - although as I feel so yukky I just want to relax.

It started last week, (although not as bad) and the dr suspected a uti so put me on a course of antibiotics- he tested urine Friday and all was clear. He said to take another sample in if I still felt yuk and I’ve done this today - no results yet.

My periods disappeared for 6 months and so after an ultrasound sound and blood tests I was found to have high prolactin, I started treatment 6 weeks ago (cabergoline) and my period returned 2 weeks ago.

I just don’t know why I’m feeling like this, I am around ovulation time but never had it this bad before- the back pain literally makes me feel pretty sick and poorly.

I’m wondering if anyone else gets this? Could it be ovulation even though I had it before ovulating, and it’s still going - although it’s got worse? My anxiety is also so bad atm so that’s not helping :,(

Sorry for the wittering, thank you for reading x

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