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Mirena Coil removal problems

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Hi, went to see the nurse today to get this coil removed. Unfortunately she couldn’t get it out and after 2 tries (very painful) it seems to be stuck. I now have an appointment to see a Dr but I don’t want to go through this pain again. What are my options? I know it needs to be removed, but can I ask for any ‘effective’ pain relief, of so what? . My memory of childbirth is that pain is part of the experience, but I am too old for this now. I just want to move on and am otherwise healthy and well with no medical issues at all. Thanks in advance

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It may also be possible that the strings have gone up into the uterus. If this is the case, your healthcare provider may use a sound (a measuring instrument) or a sonogram to make sure that the IUD is still in the uterus (and did not come out without you realizing it).

If your IUD strings cannot be located, but your healthcare provider has confirmed that the IUD is still in place, your IUD can be removed from the uterus with forceps or tweezer-like clamps. Don't worry, though. Your healthcare provider will be very careful to make sure that your uterus does not get injured during this process.

IUD Stuck in Uterine Wall

Very rarely, an IUD may have become stuck in the uterine wall and it cannot easily be pulled out. Your healthcare provider can use different techniques, such as ultrasound, hysterography (X-rays of the uterus after giving you a contrast medium), or hysteroscopy (direct viewing of the uterus with a fiber-optic instrument) to determine if this has taken place.

If your IUD is stuck in your uterus, your healthcare provider may have to dilate your cervix and use forceps to remove your IUD.1 If this happens during your IUD removal, it is very likely that your healthcare provider will give you a local anesthetic to help reduce any pain or discomfort.

Copied from verywellhealth.com

Thanks for taking the time to find this for me, they did talk about getting a scan and I guess that’s the next step…..

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wobblybeeAdministrator in reply to RedReindeer

I can imagine how stressful this must be, and I hope it gets resolved asap.

I hope it goes well for you - I feel for you and have been putting off getting mine taken out - I was talked out of having it removed on a previous appointment as it could have still been effective but my periods have stopped for months now so I’ll face up to it and go again soon. I had a bad experience on having one put in so am afraid that it will hurtThanks for info, wobblybee - it is really helpful.

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To reassure you I have had a couple taken out and if it goes to plan there is maybe a minute or two of really intense cramps but then its over and you are ok xx

Thanks, it’s always good to hear something positive, I didn’t have any issues before but it’s been in a long time . I didn’t have a problem getting it inserted so wasn’t expecting any issues, but the nurse gave it a good couple of tugs and it was extremely painful, I really don’t want to do this without an anaesthetic now.

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Maurs12 in reply to Daisy1245

Thanks x

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RedReindeer in reply to Maurs12

How are you doing? Went to the Dr today and they are referring me to Gyni dr…..unfortunately this just brings back memories of a difficult childbirth experience…..

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