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Waiting for a biopsy...

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Hello ladies,

I am really sorry this is going to be a long post - so apologies! I am 52 years old, had ovary & tube removed at 28 due to a twisted cyst, then went through menopause 2 years later. In last few years I have had a massive fibroid growing outside my womb which meant I had a total hysterectomy to remove what bits weren't removed the first time. On top of this I had to have surgery to repair a hiatus hernia and stop acid reflux! So each time I think great! Done! Sorted! Only.... last 2 years or so I have been having all kinds of issues I thought it would be linked to auto-immune stuff - too much to list here and it would just bore you all half to death. After much to-ing and fro-ing to various hospital departments, I end up at rheumatology, who did a spinal MRI scan, and find what they tell me is a cyst in my gluteus maximus (basically top of my backside muscle) and hey it's nothing -but we'll do an ultrasound to check . So ultrasound is done, and after waiting for the results they say - yes you have a lesion - we don't know what it is so we would like to do an ultrasound biopsy. I can actually feel this lesion, it's hard and doesn't move. I have now been waiting 3 weeks to get an appointment to find out what this is - and it's really not great. I keep snapping at my poor hubby. The worst of it is no one has actually spoken to me about this - I have only got copies of the medical letters sent to my GP, and I wouldn't have got them if I hadn't asked. Today I tried to find out what was happening to be told the radiologist hasn't looked at the scan yet ..... erm - yes they have?!! I'm guessing it must be a more senior radiologist. The time scale is awful. It took 6 weeks to get MRI result as it went to an MDT meeting, another 2 weeks for the ultrasound, then another 2 weeks after that to get the result of that - and now I am another week down the line from there. I hate to say - but if this was a lump in my breast or a problem lower down I would have had all the tests done by now. Is there any of you lovely ladies who have had a similar experience? Thanks for reading - you need a medal :-)

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I don't have anything helpful to add, but hope you get some feedback soon.

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Thanks anyway. I can't see any of these groups that fit this really! Maybe there should be an under investigation group!

I went to the GP 2 weeks ago due to painful ovaries. I had my bloods done the same day but my transvaginal scan is not until mid November and my smear plus swabs is end of November. So, it takes a while. I think I’m unlikely to get the results by Christmas so until then I’ll continue to be worried, tired and in pain.

Hi LuverlyLucie,I actually ended up having a very detailed focused MRI rather than a biopsy in the end as my lesion is in an area they classed as 'too dangerous'. I am waiting for my results now and I get where you are, as all you want is your tests done and results. It seems an eternity, especially when you are in pain. Just hang in there - I am sure if they find anything worrying they will deal with it swiftly.

Many thanks for your kind words. That’s really helpful. I hope you find out what yours is soon and I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been through so much.

I have to say ovary pain is the worst , so I hope they have given you some pain relief in the mean time. xx

Hi if I where you I’d ring my GP and insist they get your results which they can do!If it’s affecting you mentally.

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I am waiting till the end of the week to ring for my results. Radiologist told me it can take 10 working days for the resultsto be written - Friday will be a couple of days short of that - I have a busy job so it will keep my mind off it until then anyway. GPs will not tell me anything whilst I am under the hospitals care.

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