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Possible STD

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Hi all,

Long story but essentially I have some lumps of extra skin hanging on the inside of my vagina. I just had my first unprotected sexual encounter a week ago. But I also did some activity (non-intercourse) that I know really irritated that area as it’s happened before. I’ve never been smooth down there but these lumps are just more painful and a bit more visible.

Urgent care was kind of a bust, I did a urine test and self cervix exam but they weren’t able to sample the actual lumps because I started crying about the whole thing (never done an exam down there) and they didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable. I’m trying to find a gynecologist to test me but they all have appointments in like a month.

This is giving me so much anxiety, I’ve cried every day since I looked at the lumps. And they’re getting super uncomfortable and it’s hard to sit. I don’t have anyone to talk to about it really. Anyone here have an STD or STD-scare?

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You need to see your GP about this, it could be a closer route to diagnosis, and if necessary, treatment.

So sorry but unfortunately I can't help. Take care

Go and see a doctor, there must be a lady doctor at your practise. If she thinks you need to see a gynaecologist she’ll refer you.

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